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Cumartesi, 16.02.2019, 05:10pm (GMT)
'E-Aile Hekimliği' uygulaması geliyor ; Başbakan: Devlet hastanesindeki uzman doktorların önü açılacak ; Aile hekimlerinin maaşı ne kadar? ; Aile hekimliği ile ilgili merak edilenler ; Doktorun çilesini bir de "babası"ndan dinleyin
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TIME Health News
Discomfort Food: Change May Make Us Crave More of It
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
In times of change, a new study shows, we usually first seek out the unfamiliar and the new
New Clues in the Mass Death of Bees
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
Why do beehives suddenly collapse? The explanation may be a perfect storm of viruses
Why Racial Profiling Persists in Medical Research
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
Experts within the research community say a small but stubborn streak of racial profiling has long persisted in the medical literature
New Questions About Who Should Get Swine-Flu Shots First
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
nfluenza vaccinations are usually an afterthought for most people. Despite the easy availability of the shots, fewer than 40% of Americans get them in any one year -- never mind that flu kills some 36,000 of us annually
Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
He's raised on grass and hay and lives happily on a pasture by the ocean. His meat is free of antibiotics, but can we afford to eat it? We can't afford not to
HPV Vaccine: Study Suggests Gardasil Is Safe
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
The Gardasil vaccine appears to be safe, but doctors are not ready to mandate immunization
'Liar in Your Life' Author Feldman: Why We Lie So Much
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
Robert Feldman, author of The Liar in Your Life: How Lies Work and What They Tell Us About Ourselves, on how pervasive prevarication is -- and why honesty is still the best policy
Can Geoengineering Help Slow Global Warming?
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
If we geoengineered the earth into a mess with our uncontrolled appetite for fossil fuels, maybe we have to geoengineer our way out of it
How Does Britain's National Health Service Work?
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
Opponents of President Obama's health-care-reform plans have been using Britain's National Health Service to warn against the dangers of socialized medicine. But how does the NHS really work -- and how well?
Monkey See, Monkey Do: Why We Flatter Via Imitation
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
Researchers find that monkeys prefer people who act just like they do. So, perhaps humans' own affinity for imitation is a deeply rooted evolutionary advantage
The Real Issues of End-of-Life Care
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
Beyond the hyperventilating about euthanasia and death panels, how Medicare works with end-of-life care is a real issue for doctors who deal with the elderly, like geriatrician Dr. Laurie Jacobs
The Real Doctor Behind Hugh Laurie's House: Lisa Sanders
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
Dr. Lisa Sanders, technical adviser to House and author of Every Patient Tells a Story, talks to TIME about diagnosing the toughest cases
Q&A: What Came Before the Big Bang?
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
Even as a boy watching the first moon landing on TV, writer Brian Clegg remembers wondering, "How did it all begin?"
Why MRIs Don't Lead to Better Cancer-Survival Rates
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
MRI technology may be better than mammography at picking up breast tumors, but studies show using it doesn't mean better survival rates or less tumor recurrence for breast-cancer patients
Benefits to Lifting Weights After Breast Cancer
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
A new study suggests that breast-cancer patients who have the chronic, painful condition known as lymphedema may be helped by pumping iron
Stereotypes Study: What Ohio Thinks of U.S. Immigrants
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:40pm
To figure out which stereotypes about immigrants persist in the U.S., researchers went to Ohio -- a mostly white state with little immigrant experience
Extinction 'Gene': Some Species Are More at Risk
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 04:40am
A new study finds that the risk for extinction isn't random -- it tends to run in evolutionary families, wiping out groups of species at a time
Fat-Bellied Monkeys Suggest Why Stress Sucks
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
A two-year study in monkeys suggests a mechanism by which social stress impacts heart health: by increasing levels of dangerous fat in the gut.
Marriage: For Worse, Then for Better
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
Why facing stressful life events early in coupledom can lead to longevity
CDC: Swine Flu Outbreak Shouldn't Close Schools
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
Federal guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prepare schools for H1N1 outbreaks this fall. In most cases, the government says, schools should stay open
Bad Crowd: Why Juvenile Detention Makes Teens Worse
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
A new Canadian study adds to the evidence that punishing troubled teens within the juvenile-justice system exacerbates their bad behavior
Is My Child Overweight?
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
Doctors and parents can't help kids get fit if they don't acknowledge the problem
Kepler Space Probe: Our Best Shot at Finding New Earths
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
Initial observations by the Kepler space probe show that it is in perfect working order. It's just a matter of time until it discovers an Earth-like planet, say scientists
Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
You've heard it for years: to lose weight, hit the gym. But while physical activity is crucial for good health, it doesn't always melt pounds -- in fact, it can add them. Here's why
Inside the Fight Against a Flu Pandemic
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
More than 2 billion people worldwide could get it. Hundreds of schools may shut down. And 160 million Americans will need to be vaccinated -- twice
Cash for Clunkers: How Big an Environmental Boost?
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
The government's cash-for-clunkers program is a big winner with American consumers and the auto industry, but how good is it for the environment?
Churning Ocean Waters, One Jellyfish at a Time
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
Scientists have long wondered whether the movement of marine animals was enough to mix the ocean's heavy waters. A new study of swimming jellyfish suggests it's possible
Why Are Flu Viruses Seasonal?
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
The U.S. is readying 120 million doses of vaccine to fight an expected surge in H1N1 cases this fall. Here's why viruses always spread further and faster in colder months
Antidepressants in America
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
A new study indicates that the number of Americans taking antidepressant medication doubled between 1996 and 2005
Watching TV: Even Worse for Kids Than You Think
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
Being sedentary is bad enough. Now a new study suggests why watching TV is the worst kind of inactivity of all
Plastic in the Ocean: The Pacific Trash Vortex
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
What's twice the size of Texas, floating in the Pacific and consists of nothing but plastic garbage? The great Plastic Vortex of the Pacific
Clean Energy: U.S. Lags in Research and Development
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
To really replace fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy, the U.S. needs to get serious about science and money -- and we're nowhere close to where we have to be
Tanning Beds: Assessing the Risks
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
After 17 years on the runner-up list, tanning beds have finally been classified as an official human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer
Can the World's Fisheries Survive Our Appetites?
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
A comprehensive two-year study of the all the world's oceans finds some hopeful gains in marine health, thanks to controls in overfishing. But the improvements aren't enough.
Study: Doctors Don't Always Spot Depression
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
A large review of previous studies suggests that primary-care physicians miss or misdiagnose depression in millions of patients
Who Should Get the H1N1 Vaccine First?
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
An urgent meeting of the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices decided who should be prioritized to receive the H1N1 vaccine
Treating Alcohol Addiction: Can a Pill Replace Abstinence?
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
Some claim that baclofen can reduce cravings, without forcing drinkers to go cold turkey. But many researchers are skeptical
Height and Happiness: Why Tall People Are Happier
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
A new study shows that height gives rise to self-esteem, not to mention better pay
Like Tarzan, Orangutans Glide Through Trees
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
They're not the most graceful-looking creatures on the ground, but orangutans are uniquely adept at swinging effortlessly through the jungle canopy. Here's how they do it
'Eco-Therapy' for Environmental Depression: Go Jump Off a Pier
Cumartesi, 08.08.2009, 12:20am
A growing brand of therapy links depression and anxiety to alienation from the natural environment. The fix? Get outside and enjoy nature for a change
How Does Kidney-Trafficking Work?
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
Organ-trafficking rings are a scourge of the developing world, but as the July 23 corruption sting in New Jersey proves, the U.S. is not immune
Big Tobacco Sets Its Sights on Africa
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
While half the world is trying to break the smoking habit, the industry is pushing hard for customers in the other half -- and most aggressively in Africa
Author Chris Mooney on How to Make Science Sexier
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
A Q&A with the author of The Republican War on Science and Unscientific America
How Does Cloud Cover Affect Climate Change?
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
One factor in predicting climate change, scientists say, is low-level cloud cover, the loss of which may accelerate warming
Scientists Grow Mice from New Kind of Stem Cell
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
Using a new type of stem cell that does not require the destruction of embryos, scientists have for the first time created mice that can reproduce and beget future generations
CSI Stone Age: Did Humans Kill Neanderthals?
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
Research on the remains of a Neanderthal male in what is modern-day Iraq suggests that he may have died at the hands of a Homo sapien
Mothers' Pollution Exposure Linked with Kids' Lower IQ
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
In the first study of its kind, researchers have linked mothers' prenatal exposure to environmental pollution to lower IQ in their children by age 5
Study: Parental Stress Increases Kids' Risk of Asthma
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
When present with other common causes of asthma, such as environmental allergens and pollution, a parent's level of stress may play a key role in a child's vulnerability to disease
H1N1 Virus: Swine Flu Still Spreading Rapidly
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
Since the new flu virus was officially declared a pandemic on June 11, the disease has spread faster in six weeks than past pandemics had spread in six months
Climate Change: How to Get India to Reduce Emissions
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 05:15pm
Any global agreement on climate change would require developed and developing nations to reduce carbon emissions -- and that continues to be the stickiest point on global warming
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