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Cumartesi, 16.02.2019, 04:15pm (GMT)
'E-Aile Hekimliği' uygulaması geliyor ; Başbakan: Devlet hastanesindeki uzman doktorların önü açılacak ; Aile hekimlerinin maaşı ne kadar? ; Aile hekimliği ile ilgili merak edilenler ; Doktorun çilesini bir de "babası"ndan dinleyin
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TIME Health News
Scientists Discover Two Multiple-Planet Solar Systems
Sali, 31.08.2010, 09:25am
Two new discoveries add to the rapidly increasing extrasolar planet count
Trapped Chilean Miners Face a Tough Psychological Ordeal
Sali, 31.08.2010, 09:25am
With months left underground, Chilean miners face a harrowing mental ordeal
Jellyfish 'Citizen Scientists' Find Beauty in Stingers
Sali, 31.08.2010, 09:25am
It wouldn't be summer without stories of jellyfish swarms stinging beachgoers. Now the minds behind JellyWatch want members of the public to become "citizen scientists" and record their sightings
Stem-Cell Ruling Causes Gloom, Anxiety Among Scientists
Sali, 31.08.2010, 09:25am
Stem-cell scientists still reeling from a judge's ruling that their life's work violates federal law received little reassurance about their job security from the nation's largest funder of these studies
Salmon Baby Food: How to Get Your Kids to Eat Fish
Sali, 31.08.2010, 09:25am
One reason Americans don't eat enough fish is that it's rarely in our diets when we're children
Bullying Among Girls: Child Experts Give Tips to Parents
Sali, 31.08.2010, 09:25am
Bullying and nasty cliques start as early as elementary school, says Michelle Anthony, a developmental psychologist and the co-author (with Reyna Lindert) of Little Girls Can Be Mean: Four Steps to Bully-Proof Girls in the Early Grades
Ruling Halts Federal Funding of Embryonic-Stem-Cell Research
Sali, 31.08.2010, 09:25am
Stem-cell researchers say a court ruling could harm promising new science
Report: Men Unfaithful to Women Who Earn More
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
The old saying was almost right: Men Who Don't Prosper are Cheaters
Is It Time We Paid More Attention to Rare Diseases?
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
As doctors put out a call for a registry to help gather information on rare illnesses, pharmaceutical companies are realizing that medicines for small groups can bring big bucks. But is research into rare diseases just an excuse to cash in on sufferers?
How Prehistoric Terror Birds Killed
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
The term mid-size terror bird sounds kind of bizarre at first, as though terror birds, whatever they might be, come in a range of sizes, all of them a bit scary -- sort of like coffee options at Starbucks.
Secondhand Cigarette Smoke Alters Genes, Study Says
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
A new study documents similar changes in the airway cells of nonsmokers amid those lighting up
Oil in the Gulf: There's More Than We Thought
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
Are iPods, Earphones Behind Rising Teen Hearing Loss?
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
"Can you hear me now?" If you're a teen, the answer may increasingly be no
Invisible Oil from BP Spill May Threaten Gulf Aquatic Life
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
Researchers at the University of Georgia believe that much of the oil from the BP spill is still present underwater in the Gulf of Mexico, where its impact on aquatic life is far from clear
Did Lou Gehrig Die of Something Other Than His Namesake Disease?
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
Yankee great Lou Gehrig may not have had the motor-neuron disorder that was famously named after him
JAMA: More Studies Needed of Oil Spill's Effects on Humans
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
A new scientific paper warns that major studies are needed to figure out what the health impacts of such a major spill might actually be
Seals Enlisted to Track Salmon in Conservation Project
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 06:55pm
An ecologist has come up with an imaginative way to monitor stocks of one of the world's favorite and most beleaguered species of fish -- by enlisting seals as census takers
Avandia Approval: FDA's Drug-Safety Protection in Doubt
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
A TIME investigation of Avandia's journey from lab to pharmacy reveals serious flaws in the way the Food and Drug Administration protects consumers from harmful medicines
Study: Were Lucy's Relatives the Oldest Butchers?
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
A study's findings may push back the earliest evidence of stone-tool use by human ancestors another 800,000 years, to at least 3.2 million years ago
Extinction in a Bowl of Shark-Fin Soup
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
Shark-fin soup is eaten at weddings and other celebrations across Asia. But this gesture of largesse comes with a big environmental price tag
Brain-Wave Patterns, or Spindles, Identify Light Sleepers
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
Some people's brains are better than others' at blocking out ambient sound during sleep. New research explains why
Study: Signs of Early Puberty in More Young Girls
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
A new study finds that more young girls are entering puberty earlier, prompting researchers to wonder how early it can get
Should Women Wait After Miscarriage Before Conceiving Again?
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
Experts have disagreed over the optimal period of time women should wait before conceiving after a miscarriage, but a new study suggests there is no reason to delay
Fighting Crime by Reading Minds
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
What if we could read the mind of a terrorist? Researchers at Northwestern University say they have taken a step closer to that reality
Meditation Can Improve Concentration, Studies Say
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
Increasingly, research suggests that regular meditation can significantly improve focus and help sustain attention -- and you need not become a Buddhist monk to see benefits
Inside the Minds of Animals
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
Science is revealing just how smart other species can be -- and raising new questions abouthow we treat them
High Weight Gain in Pregnancy: Heavier, More Obesity-Prone Babies
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
Researchers have found that women who gain too much weight in pregnancy have heavier babies -- and that heavier babies are more prone to obesity later on
Sun Tsunami: Solar Event May Trigger Northern Light Show
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
After a long period of calm, a flare-up of solar activity. How a sun tsunami may trigger a spectacular show of northern lights across Russia, North America and northern Europe
Childhood Hunger May Harm Long-Term Physical and Emotional Health
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
For reasons both physiological and psychological, episodes of hunger in childhood may harm overall health and well-being far into the future
Obsessive Internet Use Linked with Depression in Teens
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
Can pathological Internet browsing lead to depression or other mental problems in otherwise healthy people?
Can Ketamine Help Treat Depression in Bipolar Patients?
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
A new randomized, controlled trial finds that the anesthetic ketamine may be a promising treatment for depression among patients with treatment-resistant bipolar disorder
Cesarean Deliveries Rise Alongside Rate of Induced Labor
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
Based on recent data, an expert suggests that as many as 20% of cesarean sections could be avoided in the U.S. simply by reducing the rate of elective labor induction
Dog Training: Animal Experts Debunk the Alpha-Dog Myth
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 03:10pm
Why Victoria Stilwell and other experts are opposed to the submission techniques espoused by Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan
Obama's Challenge: Use the Spill to Get Beyond Petroleum
Sali, 15.06.2010, 06:25am
Though you wouldn't know it from the words chosen by angry American politicians -- who can't stop talking about the company's Englishness -- BP's name doesn't actually stand for British Petroleum anymore
Study: Evidence Slim on Impact of Lifestyle on Alzheimer's
Sali, 15.06.2010, 06:25am
A large new analysis of existing research finds disappointingly weak evidence that behaviors such as exercise and mental stimulation can prevent or slow the progression of dementia
BP's Flow Rate: Is the Worst Yet to Come?
Sali, 15.06.2010, 06:25am
The bigger the mess a big corporation finds itself in, the slipperier its use of language becomes. In the 52 days since its oil has been fouling the Gulf of Mexico, BP spokespeople have proven themselves masters of the art of linguistic obtuseness.
A New Theory on How Comets Are Born
Sali, 15.06.2010, 06:25am
Most of them may have come from distant stars, not our own solar system
Gulf Oil Spill: Damages Claims May Hinge on BP's Wording
Sali, 15.06.2010, 06:25am
BP has promised to pay oil-spill damages in what it calls all 'legitimate' claims, but defining that word will shape legal battles for years to come
Life on Titan? Intriguing Findings on Saturn's Moon
Sali, 15.06.2010, 06:25am
If an alternate form of life could exist with liquid methane taking the place of water in cells and other biological parts -- something that's theoretically conceivable -- Titan is just the sort of place it might thrive
Researchers Discover Genetic Patterns of Autism
Carsamba, 09.06.2010, 09:15pm
An international consortium of scientists has discovered a rare set of genetic variations that may appear in 20% of children with autism
Scientists Confirm Underwater Oil Plume Came from BP
Carsamba, 09.06.2010, 09:15pm
Scientists have confirmed what most assumed but BP has resisted: its leak is spreading underwater
Israeli Beauty-Technology Industry Soars with Ultrashape
Carsamba, 09.06.2010, 09:15pm
Yokneam, Israel, is home to a large concentration of aesthetics-technology companies, like Ultrashape, that hawk all kinds of cutting-edge beauty treatments
BP's Shaky Cleanup Efforts: Can More Oil Be Recovered?
Carsamba, 09.06.2010, 09:15pm
BP is getting testy as its efforts to stop the Gulf oil spill seem limited by its capacity
Study: Secondhand Smoke May Affect Mental Health
Carsamba, 09.06.2010, 09:15pm
A new study has found that the link between smoking and mood disorders may extend to passive, or secondhand, smoke as well
Kids with Lesbian Parents May Do Better Than Their Peers
Carsamba, 09.06.2010, 09:15pm
The first study to track children of lesbians from birth to adolescence finds that these kids do better than children in straight families on certain measures of social development
Bank of America Building: A New Green Standard?
Carsamba, 09.06.2010, 09:15pm
The new Manhattan high-rise is the most environmentally friendly commercial skyscraper yet
The Bank of America Building: A New Green Standard?
Pazar, 06.06.2010, 06:05am
The new Manhattan high-rise is the most environmentally friendly commercial skyscraper yet
BP Takes a First Step Toward Capping the Leak
Pazar, 06.06.2010, 06:05am
The successful completion of a cut in the riser pipe will allow BP to try to lower a containment dome over the leak to capture oil and siphon it to the surface
Are Antidepressants like Paxil Effective or Placebo?
Pazar, 06.06.2010, 06:05am
An explanation of how the same class of antidepressant drugs like Prozac and Paxil can be considered both cure-all and placebo
Bone Marrow Transplants: When Race Is an Issue
Pazar, 06.06.2010, 06:05am
Multiracial patients in need of marrow transplants face steep odds, but one family has launched a global campaign to raise awareness and save their son's life
  » Study: TV Food Ads Encourage Unhealthy Diets
  » Gulf Oil Spill's Underwater Plumes Pose Hidden Threat
  » Study: Link Between Antidepressants and Miscarriage
  » Gulf Oil Threatens an Underwater 'Rainforest'
  » Meritocracy Concept Starts at Grade School, Says Study
  » BP Manages Neither Oil Spill Nor Public Expectations
  » BP's Top Kill to Quell Oil Spill Begins in Gulf
  » Oil Spill Flow Rate: How Experts Measure the Disaster
  » Ardi: Scientists Challenge Human Ancestor Connection
  » Hurricane Season 2010: Experts Predict Bad Storms

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