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TIME Health News
A New Approach to Correcting Autism
Persembe, 20.12.2007, 10:25pm
A breakthrough study in mice points the way to reversing symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome -- and gives hope for treating other autistic disorders
Study Links Abortion and Preemies
Persembe, 20.12.2007, 10:25pm
A comprehensive study finds that abortion and miscarriage lead to low birth weight and preterm birth. But is 40-year-old data still relevant today?
Post-Op Rx: Get a Massage
Persembe, 20.12.2007, 10:25pm
Several new studies show that a simple backrub offers significant pain relief for patients after major surgery
How Green is Your Neighborhood?
Persembe, 20.12.2007, 10:25pm
If we're using fluorescent bulbs in our lamps and solar panels on the roof, but averaging 14 car trips a day, how eco-friendly is our lifestyle, really?
What Your Brain Looks Like on Faith
Pazartesi, 17.12.2007, 10:55pm
A popular purveyor of atheism ventures into brain science, with a study that he contends is the first to show how the brain processes belief
How the U.S. Caved at Bali
Pazartesi, 17.12.2007, 10:55pm
It took a stern lecture, lots of booing and a bureaucrat's breakdown to get the U.S. to sign on
Who Won and Lost at Bali
Cumartesi, 15.12.2007, 07:10am
The world came together to solve the climate change crisis, and dragged along the U.S., kicking and screaming
The Secret Life of Trees
Cumartesi, 15.12.2007, 07:10am
At the UN climate change summit in Bali, global deforestation -- an oft-forgotten source of CO2 emissions -- is finally getting attention
Vaccine Recall: What Parents Need to Know
Cumartesi, 15.12.2007, 06:50am
A routine childhood vaccine is being recalled, sparking a shortage -- but no real health risks. Alice Park explains the recall
High-Dose Chemo Doesn't Help Breast Cancer
Cumartesi, 15.12.2007, 06:50am
A new study shows that this once-popular breast-cancer therapy proves ineffective
Drug Trip in the E.R.
Cumartesi, 15.12.2007, 06:50am
The tranquilizing drug ketamine is undergoing a resurgence in emergency medical settings. It's riskier for some patients than others
How the U.S. Caved at Bali
Cumartesi, 15.12.2007, 06:50am
It took a stern lecture by the UN Secretary General, lots of booing and a bureaucrat's breakdown to get the U.S. to sign on to the climate changeagreement
Lifelong Effects of Childhood Obesity
Pazartesi, 10.12.2007, 03:55am
Two new studies suggest that being overweight as a kid can lead to heart disease and greater risk of disease-related death in adulthood
The Global Warming Playbook
Pazartesi, 10.12.2007, 03:55am
The new Presidential Climate Action Plan sets forth a straightforward plan: To curb global warming, the White House -- and the U.S. -- must first go green at home at home
How We Learn from Our Mistakes
Pazartesi, 10.12.2007, 03:55am
Genes that regulate the brain's sensitivity to dopamine -- a chemical involved in addiction and motivation -- can affect the ability to learn from our errors
Can We Save the World by 2015?
Sali, 04.12.2007, 08:30am
Hoping for a post-Kyoto protocol 185 delegates will convene the most critical climate change talks in a decade
Can We Save the World by 2015?
Cumartesi, 01.12.2007, 02:25pm
With time dwindling, delegates from 185 countries will convene the most critical talks on climate change in a decade -- and start hashing out a new, post-Kyoto protocol
Citizens Can Do Something About Climate Change
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
We've changed the energy- producing rules to prevent acid rain and smog. Now each of us can take a seat at the negotiations on climate change next month in Bali to eliminate carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuel
Success Depends on Others Failing
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
Bosses take note: A new study of the brain shows that rewards for good work satisfy us more when others get less
The Gold in Yellowstone's Microbes
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
Yellowstone's geysers and vents may hold the keys to pharmaceutical and industrial breakthroughs. But should the park profit from it?
What Makes Us Moral
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
Morality and empathy are writ deep in our genes, as are savagery and bloodlust. Science is learning what makes us both noble and terrible--and perhaps what can make us better
A Last Warning on Global Warming
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
A U.N. panel's final report on climate change underscores the immense challenge facing the world
Robotic Roaches Do the Trick
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
Scientists have developed a robotic cockroach that can change the herding behavior of real insects -- and coax them into going where they normally wouldn't
Obesity Drugs Work -- Modestly
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
Drugs won't lead to dramatic weight loss, a study finds, but they do take off pounds and have other health benefits
The U.K. Takes Green to the Extreme
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
With a wildly popular $100 million eco-education theme park, and citizens who self-inflict carbon-emissions caps, Britain aims to show the world how green living is done
Top 20 Global Health Priorities
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
In one of the world's largest public-health collaborations, 155 experts from 50 countries have a plan to tackle the world's deadliest diseases
US States Sign Global Warming Pact
Carsamba, 28.11.2007, 11:10pm
Nine governors from the coal-hungry Midwest sign a landmark deal to cut carbon emissions, leaving the rest of the US wondering whether Washington will ever take action

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