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Persembe, 06.10.2022, 07:51pm (GMT)
'E-Aile Hekimliği' uygulaması geliyor ; Başbakan: Devlet hastanesindeki uzman doktorların önü açılacak ; Aile hekimlerinin maaşı ne kadar? ; Aile hekimliği ile ilgili merak edilenler ; Doktorun çilesini bir de "babası"ndan dinleyin
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TIME Health News
Found: Three new planets
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Not all solar systems are as tidy as ours, but a new discovery means we're not quite so alone anymore.
Crop Insurance Helps Farmers, Hurts Others During Drought
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Crop insurance helps ease the pain for the agricultural sector -- but increases it for everyone else
Tribute: Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Here's how Sally Ride knew she was special: The day she was assigned to her first space flight, she was summoned to meet with Chris Kraft. Kraft was the soon-to-retire director of the Manned Spaceflight Center in Houston
Artificial Jellyfish Created to Study Human Tissue Repair
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A synthetic version of the common critter could be a boon to human health
Found: A Baby Galaxy
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Galaxies are supposed to out clumpy and, well, kind of ugly. But a new find changes all that.
Running Across a Gooey Pool
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A familiar party game involving cornstarch, water and a wading pool is explained at last
The Power Grid: From Rickety to Resilient
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Blackouts will become more common unless we build a system that can bend but not break
What is Life? Venter Explains
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
The man who sequenced the genome and invented a bacterium tackles the ultimate question
Venter on the meaning of life
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
The man who cracked the human genome and invented his own bacterium, gives an historic talk in an historic place
Found: Invisible Galaxies
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
They're out there -- perhaps a lot of them -- and now there's a way to find them
Q&A with Higgs discoverers
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Thousands of scientists from dozens of countries helped find the Higgs boson, but these three took the lead
Mystery of the Stardust Cloud That Vanished
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A shrouded star suddenly turns clear. Are baby planets involved?
Now Do You Believe in Global Warming?
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A blistering summer is at last changing some minds -- but the story remains complicated
Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Fills a Cosmic Void
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Black holes once came only in tall and venti; not there's a grande in the middle
Fireworks for the Physicists: A Higgs Is Found
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
An elementary particle that is the cornerstone of of physics has at last been confirmed
Higgs Boson: Geneva Announcement Coming on 'God Particle'
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
An announcement in Geneva could confirm a century's worth of physics -- or turn it on its head
New York City's Bicycle Wars
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
The mayor's bike-share plan should get more riders out there -- but that can spell trouble
Why Tomatoes Taste Bad: Science at Root of Missing Flavor
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A single gene that codes for color and general loveliness also codes for blah
Ocean in Space -- on Titan
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
One of the solar system's most complex moons has a warm and watery heart
Physics of the Love Parade Stampede
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A disaster at a German music festival was the result of bad planning, bad luck -- and fluid dynamics
What the Failure of Rio+20 Means for the Climate
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Expectations were extremely modest for the Rio+20 Earth Summit that ended last week -- and the best thing that might be said about the conference is that it managed to clear that low bar
Quasars on a diet
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Some of the universe's most brilliant objects get by on a surprisingly spartan diet
As Rio+20 Unfolds, A U.N. Report Shows How Far We Have to Go to Save the Planet
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
An environmental report card
Rio+20 Earth Summit: Little Action Expected on Environment
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Even as the world burns, the leaders of the great nations dither -- and that hurts us all
Moondust: Nanoparticles in Lunar Soil May Solve Mystery
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Nanoparticles in lunar soil may explain its behavior -- offering help for future colonists
Lakes found on Titan
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Saturn's biggest and most complex moon has a some decidedly Earth-like features
More Earths? Even Metal-Poor Stars Can Build Good Planets
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
The Kepler space telescope once again expands the population of planets that could be home to life
A Planet in Peril: Is Earth Approaching a Tipping Point?
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
It's not the fact that the global environment and the climate are changing that so worries many scientists. It's the rate of change
Rocket Man Elon Musk: The Man Who's Leading America's Charge Back to Space
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
The second space age, unlike the first one, is being driven by the private sector
NASA weighs asteroid -- really
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
An improbable set of calculations help NASA determine if Earth will get clobbered by a rogue rock
The Battle for the Amazon Heats Up Again
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A bill passed by the Brazilian Congress threatens a decade of environmental progress
Space Gift: NASA Gets Two New Hubble Telescopes for Free
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A surprise gift from the intelligence community will mean two new eyes on space
Splashdown! Dragon Returns Safely and SpaceX Scores Big
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A successful mission to the International Space Station ends with an Apollo-like homecoming
Why the Shale Gas Industry Needs Regulations for Fracking
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A new study released by the IEA this week found that "golden rules" of regulation are needed to usher in the golden age of gas
Can Anything Save the Drying Southwest?
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Many of the fruits and vegetables you eat come from a region that, before long could be too parched to grow anything
A Dragon Shakes Hands With the Space Station
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A major triumph in low-Earth orbit is a big boost for NASA--and the private sector
Why People Stick with Cancer Screening, Even When It Causes Harm
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
When it comes to complex medical decisions, cold hard statistics may hold little sway over patients in the face of a single, compelling anecdote
Falcon's Liftoff: How a Private Firm Could Change Space Exploration
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Can a privately run space company step in where NASA left off by offering cheap cargo flights to the International Space Station -- and eventually taking tourists to space?
Brain Science, Moral Disgust: Why We Loathe John Edwards
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
As John Edwards petitions for yet another postponement of his campaign-finance trial, a look at why the human brain recoils at the former pretty boy of politics
Feeding the Planet Without Destroying It
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
The act of feeding 7 billion plus human beings already puts more stress on the planet than any other single activity, so we're going to need to figure out a way to produce more food without further damaging the environment
NASA Renovates Its Biggest, Baddest House
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
The massive vehicle assembly building gets a much-needed makeover
Vesta Asteroid: New Findings from Planet-Like Body
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
New findings from the Dawn spacecraft reveal the complexity -- and the beauty -- of the Asteroid Vesta
Can We Really Be Alone in the Universe?
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
Are we alone in the Universe? According to TIME senior science editor, Jeffrey Kluger, recent discoveries suggest we're not.
Oldest Known Mayan Astronomical Calendar Stuns Scientists
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
A 1,200-year-old-find provides more insight into some of the greatest astronomers who ever lived
Solar System Not Quite the Speedster It Was Thought to Be
Cuma, 27.07.2012, 06:40am
The sun and the planets move through space slower than was once thought -- and that changes everything
Study: Asteroids May Have Served as Incubators of Life
Cuma, 10.06.2011, 12:40am
New analysis of a Canadian meteorite reveals space organics at work
In a Way, Haven't We All Been a Weiner Online?
Cuma, 10.06.2011, 12:40am
Rep. Anthony Weiner's "Tweet cheating" has got commentators falling over themselves to condemn him by pointing out the virtues of his wife, Huma Abedin
Studies: New Clues to the Genetic Roots of Autism
Cuma, 10.06.2011, 12:40am
Random changes in genes, rather than changes handed down from parents, may be responsible for some cases of autism
Why Are Americans Obsessed With the Casey Anthony Trial?
Cuma, 10.06.2011, 12:40am
The trial of Casey Anthony, the pretty, young Florida mom whose daughter vanished three summers ago, has mesmerized millions
What I Learned from My Cancer Scare
Cuma, 10.06.2011, 12:40am
I'm a famous doctor. I give advice to millions of people. But it turns out I'm a lousy patient
  » Scientists Welcome Two New Elements to the Periodic Table
  » The 'Sissy Boy' Experiment: Why Gender-Related Cases Call for Scientists' Humility
  » Could Worms Deep Below Earth Mean There's Life in Space?
  » The Lab Rat: Can the Right Shirt Improve Your Posture?
  » Diet Bake-Off, Round Two: DASH Diet Nabs the Top Spot In New Rankings
  » Study: The Perils of a Heavy Bottled-Water Habit
  » The Weiner Case: When Is Tweeting Cheating?
  » No Decline in Sperm Counts After All, Danish Data Show
  » Rep. Weiner's Wife Dodges the Role of Supportive Spouse
  » Cell Phones and Fracking: Evaluating the Real Risks

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