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Reuters Health News
Obama unveils $63 billion global health initiative
Sali, 05.05.2009, 07:14pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced a $63 billion, six-year health initiative to help people in the world's poorest countries, most of it to bolster existing programs.
Safety of midwife-attended home births questioned
Sali, 05.05.2009, 06:47pm
BALTIMORE, Maryland (Reuters Health) - The risk of newborns dying is higher when delivery is at home attended by a certified nurse midwife than when babies are born in hospitals with a certified nurse midwife in attendance, according to data released here at the meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies.
Healthcare reform is top U.S. priority: Sebelius
Sali, 05.05.2009, 04:45pm
ATLANTA (Reuters) - Healthcare reform is the top priority for the U.S. government this year, and the momentum is there to achieve it, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said on Tuesday.
A little wine may make for a longer life
Sali, 05.05.2009, 03:28pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Very light wine consumption -- the equivalent of about half a glass a day -- over the long term appears to lead to a longer life, new research shows.
More Americans taking drugs for mental illness
Sali, 05.05.2009, 12:24pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Many more Americans have been using prescription drugs to treat mental illness since 1996, in part because of expanded insurance coverage and greater familiarity with the drugs among primary care doctors, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.
Mexico flu reaches U.S., Europe
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 07:57pm
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico said a new flu virus has killed up to 149 people and it ordered all schools to close across the country on Monday as the disease spread in the United States, Canada and Europe, raising fears of a pandemic.
WHO revises scale for pandemic alerts
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 07:40pm
GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Health Organization (WHO) revised on Monday its 6-point scale for pandemic alerts, saying that phase 5 would correspond to a strong signal that a pandemic is "imminent."
Group recommends baseline prostate testing at 40
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 07:14pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - A U.S. physicians' group is recommending that men 40 and older be offered a controversial prostate cancer test, adding to confusion over whether younger men should get the screening test.
Camphor-containing products tied to kids' seizures
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 06:22pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Camphor-containing products, commonly used to ease cold symptoms, deter pests, or for spiritual purposes, can be highly toxic to young children, researchers warn in the journal Pediatrics.
Easing job stress may ward off depression
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 06:20pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Reducing on-the-job stress and strain may lower the risk of depression, new research shows.
N.Y. mayor says swine flu cases may rise above 100
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 05:54pm
NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City has 45 confirmed or likely cases of swine flu and that number is likely to rise as testing of more than 100 sick students continued, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Monday.
Dense breasts found in many older women, too
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 05:13pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In general, a woman's breasts get less dense as she ages. However, a new study shows that there remain a substantial proportion of older women with very dense breasts -- a finding that could have important implications for breast cancer screening.
Online 'blood plague' offers lessons for pandemics
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 05:10pm
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - In the dungeons of Zul'Gurub frequented by online game enthusiasts, a giant winged serpent called Hakkar the Soulflayer may offer important clues to epidemiologists trying to predict the impact of a pandemic.
FDA warns of salmonella in sprouts
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 01:00pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told people on Sunday not to eat raw alfalfa sprouts, saying they may be contaminated with salmonella.
Experts identify genes linked to chronic diseases
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 12:55pm
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Researchers in South Korea have identified genes that are linked to key indicators such as blood pressure and bone density that have a bearing on chronic diseases such as hypertension and osteoporosis.
Plant-based flavonoid may cut ovarian cancer risk
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 05:19pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who eat greater amounts of plant-based foods and drinks with the naturally occurring flavonoid, apigenin, may have a decreased risk for ovarian cancer, study findings suggest.
Recession linked to more abortions, vasectomies
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 05:01pm
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The pregnancy was unexpected, and for one 32-year-old single mother in Syracuse, New York, the ailing economy became a factor in her decision to have an abortion.
TB, pneumonia vaccines launched in Africa
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 04:42pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vaccines against two big killers -- tuberculosis and pneumonia -- were launched among African children on Wednesday, both backed jointly by drugmakers and groups set up specifically to promote vaccination.
Women turn to untested hormone therapy
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 03:22pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - An Australian study shows that fewer women are using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for relief of menopause symptoms. Instead, women are turning to untested; un approved "alternative" treatments.
Family history tied to violence in schizophrenics
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 03:21pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Among people with schizophrenia, those whose parents have a history of violence may be more likely to commit violent acts themselves, a new study suggests.
Resuscitation at birth tied to lower IQ later on
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 02:41pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Babies who require resuscitation at birth and subsequently remain healthy may still be at risk for having a low IQ when they reach 8 years of age, according to a new study.
Underage drinking laws really do save lives
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 02:38pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - State laws that prohibit people under the age of 21 from buying or possessing alcohol, and from driving with any amount of alcohol in their system, save 732 lives each year in the United States, according to a study examining 23 years of research on the subject.
Enforcing tobacco laws cuts kids' smoking
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 02:04pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Enforcement of laws banning tobacco sales to minors has curbed U.S. teenagers' smoking rates, a new study finds.
Burned meat linked to pancreatic cancer
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 12:35pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People who regularly eat burned or charred red meat, like that cooked on a grill, have a 60 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer, U.S. researchers reported Tuesday.
U.S. lawmakers eye Medicare in health reform drive
Sali, 21.04.2009, 09:37pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Medicare program for the elderly may offer ways to encourage better care at a lower cost as a big part of reforming the U.S. healthcare system, a leading Senate Democrat said on Tuesday.
Breakdancing is a high-risk activity: study
Sali, 21.04.2009, 05:53pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Breakdancers suffer a relatively high rate of injury and many fail to give themselves time to heal, a new study suggests.
U.S. Senate panel backs Sebelius health nomination
Sali, 21.04.2009, 05:09pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Senate committee on Tuesday voted to confirm the nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as health secretary, the leader of President Barack Obama's healthcare reform effort and one of the last pivotal spots in his cabinet that has not been filled.
Aspirin use linked to a lower risk of diabetes
Sali, 21.04.2009, 05:07pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The results of a study published in the American Journal of Medicine suggest there is an association between aspirin use and a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
5.5 million Americans paralyzed, study finds
Sali, 21.04.2009, 12:42pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Nearly 2 percent of the U.S. population, more than 5.5 million people, have some kind of paralysis, according to a survey published on Tuesday.
Psoriasis linked to diabetes, hypertension: study
Sali, 21.04.2009, 12:40pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Women with psoriasis run a higher risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, perhaps because of the underlying inflammation that causes the skin condition, researchers said on Monday.
Hospital label no guarantee of better weight surgery
Sali, 21.04.2009, 12:36pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Despite the fancy label, hospitals designated bariatric surgery "centers of excellence" have as many deaths and complications from the weight-loss procedure as others, U.S. researchers said on Monday.
U.S. nutritionists urge new, not-as-sweet drinks
Sali, 21.04.2009, 12:34pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Soft drink makers should invent and market a new category of semi-sweet beverages that will help wean Americans off their reliance on sugary drinks, nutrition experts said on Monday.
U.S. National Cancer Institute to fund more research
Sali, 21.04.2009, 12:32pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The federal government's stimulus package plus budget increases will give the National Cancer Institute enough money to raise by a third the number of research projects it pays for, the agency's director said on Monday.
Doctors most likely to spot melanoma early in men
Pazartesi, 20.04.2009, 08:25pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Older men should visit their doctors to check for melanoma because they are less likely to find it themselves in time, U.S. researchers said on Monday.
Stressed Americans postpone healthcare
Pazartesi, 20.04.2009, 02:41pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Twenty percent of Americans say they have delayed or postponed medical care, mostly doctor visits, and many said cost was the main reason, according to a survey released on Monday.
Medical researchers face conflicts of interest
Cuma, 10.04.2009, 04:48pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Dr. Bruce Psaty of University of Washington in Seattle knows how easy it can be to fall under the spell of a friendly relationship with drug companies.
Unapproved liquid morphine can still be sold in U.S.: FDA
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 11:14pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Companies marketing a liquid morphine that was unapproved for sale in the United States can keep selling it for now because regulators have determined it is essential for relieving pain in some patients who are near death.
Growth hormone slows age-related loss of strength
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 09:37pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Ten years of growth hormone treatment improves muscle strength in adults who have a deficiency of the hormone. The first five years of treatment restores muscle strength, and the second five years and thereafter slow age-related loss of strength, Swedish investigators say.
High blood pressure in pregnancy a heart risk
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 07:49pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who had an increase in blood pressure during pregnancy are likely to develop heart disease at an earlier age than women who maintained normal blood pressure while they were pregnant, Chilean researchers report.
U.S. making little progress on food safety
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 07:40pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Efforts to improve food safety in the United States have "plateaued," exposing the need for an overhaul of the nation's food safety system, government health officials said on Thursday.
U.S. made little progress on food safety in 2008
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 04:59pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - The United States made little progress in 2008 at reducing the number of foodborne infections, reflecting gaps in the current food safety net and reinforcing the need for change, government health officials said on Thursday.
Teen pregnancy boosts girls' risk of getting fat
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 03:48pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Young women who have children in their teens are at greater risk of becoming fat than their peers who don't get pregnant, new research shows.
"Brown fat" may help adults lose weight
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 03:23pm
BOSTON (Reuters) - A sparse form of fat that helps keep newborns warm is more common in adults than previously thought and that discovery that could lead to a new way to lose weight, researchers said on Wednesday.
Report warns of problems with multivitamins
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 03:14pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - More than 30 percent of multivitamins tested recently by ConsumerLab.com contained significantly more or less of an ingredient than claimed, or were contaminated with lead, the company reports.
High blood lead levels linked to heart deaths
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 03:00pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Older women with high levels of lead in their blood are likely to die sooner -- particularly from heart disease -- than their counterparts with low lead levels, new research indicates.
HIV treatment should start earlier: experts
Carsamba, 08.04.2009, 11:05pm
LONDON (Reuters) - Patients should start taking drugs for the AIDS virus earlier to have the best chance of survival, researchers said Thursday.
New malaria drug fights resistance
Carsamba, 08.04.2009, 09:23pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. researchers said on Wednesday they had designed a new kind of malaria drug that kills the parasite that causes the disease and keeps it from becoming resistant to the drug.
U.S. experts argue for tax on sweet drinks
Carsamba, 08.04.2009, 09:06pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks could help fight obesity by cutting consumption and raising billions of dollars to help state and local governments pay for programs, two experts said on Wednesday.
Lung patients benefit from nutrition advice
Carsamba, 08.04.2009, 07:35pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People with chronic lung conditions tend to be underweight or malnourished, but dietary counseling can help them gain some weight and function better, new research shows.
U.S. FDA demands data on older medical devices
Carsamba, 08.04.2009, 06:49pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Makers of 25 types of medical devices including metal hip joints and spinal screws must supply safety and effectiveness data so the government can decide if the products need a more thorough review, U.S. regulators said on Wednesday.
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  » FDA pressures New Jersey company to recall peanuts
  » Desk jobs making more people obese, study finds
  » Risk of progression to dementia overestimated
  » French surgeons give burn victim new face, hands

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