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Reuters Health News
Studies show one dose of H1N1 vaccine may be enough
Cuma, 11.09.2009, 02:58am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two studies published on Thursday confirmed that a single dose of swine flu vaccine can protect people from the new pandemic H1N1 virus -- welcome news to global health officials who had worried that people might need two doses.
Pneumonia bugs kill 1.2 million children: study
Cuma, 11.09.2009, 02:46am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - More than a million children die every year from two pneumonia-causing diseases easily prevented with vaccines, researchers reported on Thursday.
Obama changes talking points on uninsured
Persembe, 10.09.2009, 10:08pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Tucked into President Barack Obama's speech to the U.S. Congress was a new talking point -- that his aim is to get health insurance for 30 million uninsured people, not 46 million.
Study exposes how bacteria resist antibiotics
Persembe, 10.09.2009, 09:18pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Scientists have discovered how bacteria fend off a wide range of antibiotics, and blocking that defense mechanism could give existing antibiotics more power to fight dangerous infections.
Little physical harm to non-residents from WTC dust
Persembe, 10.09.2009, 06:48pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The plume of dust and smoke sent up by the World Trade Center collapse may not have been a substantial cause of respiratory symptoms among people living outside of lower Manhattan, a new study suggests.
The pill may cut the risk of a leaky bladder
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 04:21pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women of child-bearing age who use oral contraceptives face a lower risk of a leaky bladder than women of similar ages who do not take the pill, researchers from Sweden report.
Low-fat, high-fiber diet good for the colon
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 04:18pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People who have growths or "polyps" in the colon removed can cut their risk of developing recurrent polyps by strictly adhering to a diet low in fat and high in fiber, fruits and vegetables.
Antioxidant pills do not prevent metabolic syndrome
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 04:16pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People who want to forestall heart disease and diabetes may do better by choosing antioxidant-rich foods instead of antioxidant supplements, a new study suggests.
How broccoli can protect your arteries
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 03:03pm
LONDON (Reuters) - It's long been thought that broccoli is good for your heart, and now British scientists think they know why.
H1N1 has killed 2,837, but not more serious: WHO
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 02:45pm
GENEVA (Reuters) - The pandemic H1N1 flu virus continues to cause widespread infection in many parts of the world but is not becoming more serious, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.
Philips pushes sex-toys line for health, longevity
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 05:10am
BERLIN (Reuters) - Always wanted to buy a sex-toy but cringed at the thought of entering one of those shops?
Thin thighs - maybe not your heart's desire
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 02:45am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People who have agonized over their fat thighs might be able to relax a bit -- Danish doctors said on Thursday they found patients with the thinnest thighs died sooner than the more endowed.
Study finds potential way to make an AIDS vaccine
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 02:08am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The discovery of immune system particles that attack the AIDS virus may finally open a way to make a vaccine that could protect people against the deadly and incurable infection, U.S. researchers said on Thursday.
More drug firms doing follow-ups than thought--FDA
Persembe, 03.09.2009, 10:24pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - More pharmaceutical companies have completed studies required by U.S. health regulators after their products were allowed on the market than previously thought, according to an analysis released on Thursday.
Unhealthy habits alter thinking, memory skills
Persembe, 03.09.2009, 07:34pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - If you're having trouble remembering where you left your keys or recalling a word, mull over the number of times and how many years you've continued unhealthy behaviors.
Texas doctors bust myths about insulin
Sali, 01.09.2009, 06:15pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes often resist taking insulin because they fear gaining weight, developing low blood sugar, and seeing their quality of life decline. Doctors also may be reluctant to start insulin right off the bat.
Chewing gum after C-section may speed recovery
Sali, 01.09.2009, 04:17pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Chewing on some sugarless gum may be a low-tech way to help new moms get their bowels moving again after a cesarean section.
H1N1 unlikely to mutate into 'superbug': U.S. study
Sali, 01.09.2009, 03:47pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - The new H1N1 virus appears to outcompete seasonal flu, making it less likely to mix with other circulating flu viruses into a "superbug" as some had feared, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.
For heart health: avoid tobacco smoke, pollution
Sali, 01.09.2009, 02:25pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - If you want to dramatically lower the odds that you'll die of heart disease, go live someplace where public smoking is banned.
Mediterranean diet tops low-fat diet for diabetics
Sali, 01.09.2009, 02:23pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A low-carbohydrate, Mediterranean-style diet is more effective than a typical low-fat, calorie-restricted diet for diabetes management, according to a study released Monday.
Urban sprawl, bad sanitation spread dengue fever
Sali, 01.09.2009, 02:20pm
MANILA (Reuters) - The rapid growth of crowded cities has helped spread and increase the transmission of dengue around the world, health experts said on Tuesday, warning up to 3 billion people were already at risk.
China widens lead industry checks after poisonings
Sali, 01.09.2009, 02:18pm
HONG KONG (Reuters) - China's Yunnan province is investigating possible lead poisoning in its capital city of Kunming, while smelter officials in its top lead producing city, Gejiu, are worried the provincial government may close local smelters with half a million tonnes of annual capacity.
Healthy habits prevent breast cancer: study
Sali, 01.09.2009, 02:16pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Nearly 40 percent of all breast cancer cases in the United States could be prevented if women kept a healthy weight, drank less alcohol, exercised more and breastfed their babies, according to a report published on Tuesday.
Tax junk food, drinks to fight child obesity: report
Sali, 01.09.2009, 04:23am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A strongly worded report on child obesity released on Tuesday recommends that state and local governments tax junk food and soft drinks, give tax breaks to grocery stores that open in blighted neighborhoods and build bike trails.
Prostate cancer screening: More harm than good?
Pazartesi, 31.08.2009, 09:13pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Routine screening for prostate cancer has resulted in more than 1 million U.S. men being diagnosed with tumors who might otherwise have suffered no ill effects from them, U.S. researchers said on Monday.
Allergy drugs may fight diabetes, obesity
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 04:08pm
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Over-the-counter allergy and asthma drugs helped obese, diabetic mice lose weight and control their blood sugar, researchers reported on Monday.
Obesity costs U.S. health system $147 billion: study
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 04:06pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Obesity-related diseases account for nearly 10 percent of all U.S. medical spending or an estimated $147 billion a year, researchers said on Monday.
Agent Orange linked to heart disease, Parkinson's
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 03:30pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Agent Orange, used by U.S. forces to strip Vietnamese and Cambodian jungles during the Vietnam War, may raise the risk of heart disease and Parkinson's disease, U.S. health advisers said on Friday.
First defense against swine flu - seasonal vaccine
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 03:27pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. health officials strengthened their recommendations for seasonal flu vaccines on Friday, saying all children aged 6 months to 18 years should be immunized -- especially because of the H1N1 flu pandemic.
Indonesia reports first death from H1N1 flu
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 03:26pm
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia has confirmed its first death linked to the H1N1 flu virus after a 6-year-old girl suffering from severe pneumonia died in Jakarta, the health ministry said.
Nigeria, Pfizer reach settlement on drug lawsuit
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 03:25pm
KANO, Nigeria (Reuters) - Nigeria's Kano state and drugmaker Pfizer Inc have reached a final court settlement in a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit over a 1996 drug trial, lawyers for both parties said on Monday.
Senate Democrat: Republican healthcare votes needed
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 03:03pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Democrats do not have the votes to pass healthcare reform without Republican support, a key Democrat said on Sunday, but White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said he is confident a bill will pass by year's end.
Swine flu spreads; health officials plan vaccines
Cumartesi, 25.07.2009, 02:27am
GENEVA (Reuters) - Global health officials stepped up efforts to prepare for quick vaccination against the H1N1 pandemic virus, saying on Friday it appeared now to be affecting older age groups spared earlier in the pandemic.
One type of heart attack seen on decline in U.S.
Cuma, 24.07.2009, 10:20pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The incidence of one type of heart attack has steadily decreased in the US since 1996, regardless of gender or ethnicity, to the lowest rates in years, according to a new study.
AIDS research targeted in one U.S. healthcare bill
Cuma, 24.07.2009, 08:57pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Should U.S. taxpayers be funding research involving Thai prostitutes?
H1N1 flu must be global before Phase 6: WHO chief
Persembe, 21.05.2009, 10:17am
GENEVA (Reuters) - The head of the World Health Organization said on Thursday she would not hesitate to raise the global pandemic alert to the top of the six-point scale if the new H1N1 flu is spreading globally.
Scientists develop dental filling using bile acids
Persembe, 21.05.2009, 07:13am
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Scientists in Canada and China have developed a hardy material using human bile acids, which they hope can be used to fill dental cavities.
Senate panel backs FDA oversight of cigarettes
Carsamba, 20.05.2009, 11:38pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Senate panel on Wednesday backed legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration power to control the advertising and manufacturing of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
Vitamin D may reduce decline in mental agility
Carsamba, 20.05.2009, 11:38pm
LONDON (Reuters) - Getting more of the "Sunshine vitamin" may make you brighter later in life, according to a study published on Thursday that bolsters evidence vitamin D may help older people stay mentally fit.
New institute will study rare diseases
Carsamba, 20.05.2009, 10:36pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A unique new institute will look for ways to treat rare and neglected diseases and take the first and riskiest steps toward bringing new drugs to market, U.S. health officials said on Wednesday.
Celebrity yoga guru dies at 93
Carsamba, 20.05.2009, 09:04pm
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Krishna Pattabhi Jois, the modern guru of ashtanga yoga popularized by celebrities such as Sting and Madonna, has died, according to his institute's website.
U.S. officials consider bumping up flu shot season
Carsamba, 20.05.2009, 06:58pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. health officials said on Wednesday they are considering starting the vaccination campaign for seasonal flu earlier this year to make room for a possible second round of shots against the new H1N1 flu.
Down's syndrome reveals one key to fighting cancer
Carsamba, 20.05.2009, 06:07pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People with Down's syndrome rarely get most kinds of cancer and U.S. researchers have nailed down one reason why -- they have extra copies of a gene that helps keep tumors from feeding themselves.
H1N1 flu deaths and cases edge higher: WHO
Carsamba, 20.05.2009, 01:15pm
GENEVA (Reuters) - The number of confirmed cases of the new Influenza A (H1N1) flu has risen to 10,243 and the death toll has edged up to 80, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.
Stem cells "seek and destroy" cancer cells: study
Sali, 19.05.2009, 10:17pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Genetically engineered stem cells from bone marrow showed promise as a potential new way to deliver a cancer-killing protein to tumors, British researchers said on Tuesday.
Mexico flu deaths rise, China eases quarantine
Persembe, 07.05.2009, 05:24pm
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico confirmed two more deaths from the new H1N1 flu virus on Thursday, pushing the country's toll to 44, and the virus spread slowly in Europe, but China eased quarantine measures.
GE says $6 billion healthcare drive to cut costs
Persembe, 07.05.2009, 05:11pm
BOSTON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - General Electric Co said on Thursday it plans to invest $6 billion by 2015 to help its healthcare customers cut costs, in a push the biggest U.S. conglomerate is calling "Healthymagination."
Africa must manufacture own AIDS drugs: AU
Persembe, 07.05.2009, 04:13pm
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Africa must manufacture its own generic medicine if it is to continue to fight HIV/AIDS during the financial crisis and ensure its faltering economies can benefit from drug production, the African Union (AU) says.
Obesity, heavy lifting up risk of pelvic disorder
Persembe, 07.05.2009, 03:12pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who are overweight or perform heavy lifting or have certain conditions affecting the body's connective tissue may be at increased risk of having weakened pelvic muscles, a new study suggests.
Mothers' views important in HPV vaccination
Persembe, 07.05.2009, 03:09pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Girls are more likely to be vaccinated against the virus that causes cervical cancer when their mothers are prevention-minded, a new study suggests.
  » Docs can sway parents' attitudes to vaccination
  » Undiagnosed diabetes costs U.S. $18 billion a year
  » Three genes help breast cancer spread to brain
  » Sebelius makes case for new U.S. health plan
  » First U.S. face transplant recipient thankful
  » Flu virus kills Texan, European cases rise
  » Texas woman with swine flu dies: state health dept
  » Acupuncture eases a side effect of radiation
  » Housing the sick and homeless seen as a "win-win"
  » Study sheds light on why some plaques turn deadly

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