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Reuters Health News
Helix says FDA puts its cancer drug on clinical hold
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 11:28pm
Bangalore (Reuters) - Canadian biopharmaceutical company Helix BioPharma Corp said its experimental cancer treatment was placed on clinical hold by U.S. regulators, seeking additional information about the product's durability.
Moms' mealtime tactics tied to kids' eating habits
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 10:32pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - School-age children whose mothers tightly control their diets may be prone to overeating, while those with moms who pressure them to eat tend to be fussy about food, a new study finds.
No more Darvon for U.S. market: FDA
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 09:53pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The company that makes the highly popular narcotic painkiller Darvon has pulled the drug from the market because it can cause fatal heart rhythms, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Friday.
Obama deficit panel wrestles healthcare "gorilla"
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 08:19pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A proposal to overhaul the costly Medicare and Medicaid health programs met opposition on Thursday in a closed-door meeting of a presidential commission looking for ways to balance the U.S. budget.
Nighttime delivery linked to brain problems
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 06:58pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Babies born late at night or in the wee hours of the morning may have a slightly higher risk of rare brain problems compared to infants delivered during the day, suggests a new study.
Researchers develop test for pregnancy complication
Sali, 14.09.2010, 11:57am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It may be possible to predict which women will develop a dangerous complication of pregnancy called pre-eclampsia weeks before they ever show the first symptoms, an international team of researchers reported Monday.
Unequal access drives fertility tourism, experts say
Sali, 14.09.2010, 09:24am
LONDON (Reuters) - Patients who cross borders in search of cheaper, more available fertility treatment can now choose from more than 100 countries but may be putting themselves and their babies at risk, experts said Tuesday.
Antibiotics mess up your stomach, U.S. study finds
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 11:05pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Even seemingly gentle antibiotics may severely disrupt the balance of microbes living in the gut, with unforeseen health consequences, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.
Dying at home better for cancer patients
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 10:46pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Cancer patients who die at home do so more peacefully -- and their caregivers end up doing better emotionally, too, researchers reported on Monday.
Industry has sway over food safety system: study
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 09:26pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The food industry is jeopardizing U.S. public health by withholding information from food safety investigators or pressuring regulators to withdraw or alter policy designed to protect consumers, said a survey of government scientists and inspectors.
Less-potent opiates may be safer for long-term use
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 09:15pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People taking opioid painkillers for extended periods of time are at greater risk of problems if they have been prescribed more potent forms of these drugs, new research shows.
Sanofi offers flu vaccine with short, thin needle
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 08:56pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vaccine maker Sanofi Aventis asked U.S. regulators on Monday to approve a new flu vaccine that uses a short, thin needle.
Surgeons fail to disclose big payments to journals
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 08:55pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Nearly half of surgeons who earned more than $1 million from companies that make orthopedic devices did not disclose it when they published medical journal articles, U.S. researchers said on Monday.
Asthma drug may help multiple sclerosis: study
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 08:08pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The common asthma drug albuterol can help patients with multiple sclerosis, perhaps by tamping down an overactive immune system, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.
Fewer than half of U.S. moms breastfeed enough: CDC
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 06:42pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fewer than half of U.S. mothers breastfeed their newborns for even half as long as advised and just 22 percent still do so at one year, government researchers reported on Monday.
Sanofi ready to raise bid if Genzyme talks: report
Pazar, 05.09.2010, 04:41pm
PARIS (Reuters) - French drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis would be prepared to moderately raise its $69 per share offer for Genzyme if the U.S. biotech agreed to negotiate, Dow Jones reported, citing a person familiar with the matter.
Bangladesh issues red alert over spread of anthrax
Pazar, 05.09.2010, 01:48pm
DHAKA (Reuters) - Bangladesh issued a red alert on Sunday over an outbreak of anthrax which has infected nearly 300 people and killed about 150 cattle in the north of the country in the past two weeks.
Antidepressant patch doesn't help smokers quit
Cumartesi, 04.09.2010, 02:11am
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - An antidepressant drug delivered through a patch on the skin is no better than placebo for helping smokers kick the habit, new research shows.
Early day care may promote eczema development
Cumartesi, 04.09.2010, 01:39am
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Kids who spend their earliest years in day care may be at higher risk of eczema than kids cared for at home, according to a new study from Germany.
Timer may help kids' bladder control problems
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 09:24pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Wearing a programmable wristwatch could help children manage their daytime bladder control problems, a new study suggests.
Biotech salmon safe for eating: FDA
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 09:22pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A biotechnology company's genetically engineered salmon are as safe to eat as other Atlantic salmon, U.S. regulators said as they weighed approval of the first DNA-altered animal for Americans' dinner plates.
Colonoscopy repeats greater with non-specialists
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 08:07pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Older adults who have a colonoscopy performed by a family doctor, internist or general surgeon are somewhat more likely to need another one within a year compared with those who have the procedure done by a gastroenterologist, a new report finds.
Special Report: Outgunned FDA tries to get tough with drug ads
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 05:18pm
SILVER SPRING, Maryland (Reuters) - It wasn't what you would call a casual get-together.
U.S. medical programs missing millions of kids: report
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 07:01am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An estimated five million uninsured children in the United States were eligible for Medicaid or the Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP) but were not enrolled in either plan, according to a new report.
Experimental Novartis drug shows malaria promise
Persembe, 02.09.2010, 06:54pm
LONDON (Reuters) - An experimental Novartis drug can clear malaria infection in mice with a single dose and scientists say it shows promise as a possible future treatment for one of the world's major killer diseases.
Surgery prevents breast cancers in high-risk women
Sali, 31.08.2010, 08:01pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Women with mutations in the well-known BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes who have their breasts and ovaries removed are much more likely to survive than women who do not get preventive surgery, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.
Minn. governor directs state to decline health reform
Sali, 31.08.2010, 07:43pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty directed state agencies on Tuesday to decline all discretionary participation in federal healthcare reform, throwing up roadblocks to President Barack Obama's goal of providing health insurance to all Americans.
Obama administration appeals stem cell injunction
Sali, 31.08.2010, 07:41pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration on Tuesday appealed a ruling that blocked federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research, asking the judge who issued the injunction to put it on hold pending the appeal.
Health experts warn of 'stem cell tourism' dangers
Sali, 31.08.2010, 07:29pm
LONDON (Reuters) - Thousands of people are putting their health and life savings at risk to travel to private clinics around the world for unproven and potentially dangerous stem cell treatments, British experts said on Tuesday.
Proposed diabetes test misses most cases: study
Sali, 31.08.2010, 07:14pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new proposed diabetes test could miss millions of cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes and also over-diagnose black Americans if it was used as a screening tool, suggests a new study.
Monkeypox rising in wake of smallpox eradication
Sali, 31.08.2010, 07:13pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Some thirty years after authorities doled out the last dose of smallpox vaccine, the world faces another multiplying menace: monkeypox.
Drug cuts stroke risk by half vs aspirin: study
Sali, 31.08.2010, 04:22pm
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - An experimental drug from Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer reduces the risk of stroke by more than half compared with aspirin, with no significant rise in major bleeding, researchers said on Tuesday.
More evidence hormone therapy can muddy mammograms
Sali, 31.08.2010, 04:21pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Hormone replacement therapy after menopause may interfere with the accuracy of mammograms used to screen for breast cancer -- and the risk may be greater with hormones delivered by patch or injection compared with pills, a new study finds.
Is genetically altered fish OK? FDA to decide
Sali, 31.08.2010, 12:29pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. health officials are set to rule on whether a faster-growing, genetically engineered fish is safe to eat in a decision that could deliver the first altered animal food to consumers' dinner plates.
U.S. egg producers failed to follow own safety plans
Sali, 31.08.2010, 01:55am
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Two Iowa egg farms linked to a salmonella outbreak that has sickened thousands failed to follow their own safety plans, allowing rodents and other animals into poultry houses, U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspectors found.
Experts find gene variants for stomach, gullet cancer
Pazar, 22.08.2010, 05:02pm
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Scientists have identified genetic mutations that appear to be associated with both esophageal and stomach cancer in two studies in China, suggesting they may share similar triggers.
More painkillers needed for cancer patients: experts
Cumartesi, 21.08.2010, 04:31am
SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) - Cancer patients, particularly in developing regions, are in dire need of painkillers and affordable drugs, experts said.
Study IDs 'alarming disparities' in child obesity
Cuma, 20.08.2010, 09:39pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - While the extent of obesity among kids overall seems to have peaked, it's still climbing among African American and Native American girls, new research from California shows.
UK govt mulls stopping addicts' benefits
Cuma, 20.08.2010, 07:12pm
LONDON (Reuters) - The government said on Friday it was considering withdrawing benefits from those with drug or alcohol problems who refused to seek treatment.
Hormone replacement may not save women's muscle
Cuma, 20.08.2010, 07:11pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Despite some earlier evidence that hormone replacement therapy after menopause can help maintain women's muscle mass, a new study suggests that any such benefit does not last.
FDA to review heart risks of Parkinson's drug
Cuma, 20.08.2010, 04:55pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Friday it will examine the potential heart risks of Novartis AG's Parkinson's drug Stalevo, a combination of two treatments for the debilitating brain disease.
Common acne treatments linked to bowel problems
Cuma, 20.08.2010, 04:13pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Acne is a difficult enough burden for a young person to bear. Now there's evidence that antibiotics commonly prescribed to help control severe breakouts may, in a very small number of patients, lead to inflammatory bowel disease.
More U.S. cases expected in illness linked to eggs
Cuma, 20.08.2010, 03:21pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - More cases of food-borne illness are likely in a U.S. salmonella outbreak that sickened hundreds of people in three states and prompted a nationwide recall of suspect eggs, a federal official said on Thursday.
More U.S. teens get vaccinated, CDC finds
Cuma, 20.08.2010, 02:29pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - More U.S. teens are getting recommended vaccines against certain cancers, meningitis and infectious diseases, government researchers reported on Thursday.
Painkiller use linked to stroke risk
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 07:36pm
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Common painkillers that have been linked to an increased risk of heart attack may also elevate risk of stroke, a new study suggests.
Tackling cancer among poor doesn't have to cost dear
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 11:04pm
LONDON (Reuters) - The growing burden of cancer in developing countries could be reduced without expensive drugs and equipment, scientists said Monday, but it requires a global effort similar to the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Immune system gene linked with Parkinson's: study
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 05:02pm
CHICAGO (Reuters) - A gene linked with the immune system may play a role in developing Parkinson's disease, researchers said on Sunday, marking a possible advance in the search for effective treatments.
Measles kills 197 people in Malawi since January
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 04:40pm
LILONGWE (Reuters) - A measles outbreak has killed 197 people in Malawi since the start of this year, the highest number recorded in the country in the last decade, a senior health ministry official said Sunday.
U.S. hopeful Pakistan can avert big cholera outbreak
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 12:58am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A senior U.S. aid official said on Saturday he was optimistic a serious cholera outbreak could be averted in flood-hit Pakistan after emergency steps taken by international and Pakistani relief groups.
High-risk pools an early test for health overhaul
Cumartesi, 14.08.2010, 11:57am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - When James Howard was diagnosed with brain cancer in March he did not know how he would pay for radiation treatments costing $87,000 and $2,300 a week for chemotherapy.
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  » Drug-resistant bugs on rise globally: report
  » Cheap blood drug "could save 100,000 lives a year"
  » U.S. sets rules for employer healthcare plans
  » Murder rates affect IQ tests scores: study

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