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Yahoo Health News
The Fruit That Fights the Flu
Pazartesi, 03.11.2008, 08:00am
Once November hits, the rest of the year is a giant sprint to the Dick Clark ball-dropping finish line. Here’s the game plan for keeping healthy through it.
Control for Candy Cravings
Cuma, 31.10.2008, 07:00am
The trick to avoiding a candy binge? Surprising as this sounds: Put the minipacks away and take a small handful from a big bag instead.
Foods for Younger Looking Hair
Persembe, 30.10.2008, 07:00am
It’s one of the maddening ironies of aging: Hair gets thinner where we want it -- on our heads -- and starts sprouting up in places we don’t.
3 Great Breakfast-Drink Choices
Carsamba, 29.10.2008, 07:00am
Need a little something to help that oatmeal slide down?
8 Hours to Healthier Cells
Sali, 28.10.2008, 07:00am
Want healthier cells in just 8 hours? Then get some solid shut-eye tonight.
Why Popeye Has Good Blood Sugar
Pazartesi, 27.10.2008, 07:00am
Popeye’s power vegetable can do good things foryourbody, too -- like fortify it against blood sugar problems.
2 Key Moisturizer Ingredients
Cuma, 24.10.2008, 07:00am
What skin care product makes your skin look fresher and younger almost instantly, can cost under $10 a pop, and takes just 2 minutes to use?
Eat More in Front of the TV
Persembe, 23.10.2008, 07:00am
Does your prime-time TV viewing go hand in hand with major snacking? Not a problem . . . if you choose this for your evening treat: popcorn.
Trans Fats and Your Bowels
Carsamba, 22.10.2008, 07:00am
Are you seeing more trans-fat-free offerings in your grocery store? Good. Pick’em up.
Health Benefits of a Good Playlist
Sali, 21.10.2008, 07:00am
Struggling to stick to your shape-up plans? Consider working on your soundtrack, too.
One for the Porch, One for Your Plate
Pazartesi, 20.10.2008, 07:00am
When you grab a pumpkin for your fall porch this year, grab one for your plate, too.
The 2-Week Fat-Blasting Plan
Cuma, 17.10.2008, 07:00am
You can quickly crank up your fat-burning furnace if you follow a simple plan.
Chocolate: Great for Your Skin
Persembe, 16.10.2008, 07:00am
Think chocolate is one of the worst things for your skin? Think again.
The Ultimate Antiaging Vitamin?
Carsamba, 15.10.2008, 07:00am
Wouldn't it be great to have balance-beam-worthy body control? This nutrient could help: vitamin D.
A Tart Treat to Protect Against . . . Everything!
Sali, 14.10.2008, 07:00am
You know those infomercial gadgets that do 10 jobs in one? Well, there's a fruit that tops them all.
Olive Oil for a Flat Belly
Pazartesi, 13.10.2008, 07:00am
That bagel? It could go right to your gut. Literally. But a bit of olive oil each day may help keep your middle little.
An Easy Fix for Foot Pain
Cuma, 10.10.2008, 07:00am
If foot pain is throwing a wrench in your daily plans, there’s a simple solution that could get you back to high-stepping.
3 Ways That Food Labels Fool You
Persembe, 09.10.2008, 07:00am
Most of us think that foods labeled"low fat"will help us lose weight.
How to Cut Back on Exercise
Carsamba, 08.10.2008, 07:00am
Ever been tempted to take a little hiatus from your exercise routine? Well here’s an unsettling fact that may help you stick with it -- even if you go with an abridged version.
The Greatest Thing About Apples
Sali, 07.10.2008, 07:00am
For a quick and healthy snack, you can’t go wrong grabbing one of this season’s freshest apples. But put the peeler away.
Smooth Crow's Feet with This Cream
Pazartesi, 06.10.2008, 07:00am
Tired of skin products that sound too good to be true -- and are? Then check out theonlyproven wrinkle reducer on the market: retinoids.
6 Minutes to a Better Memory
Cuma, 03.10.2008, 07:00am
For a quick and easy boost to your brainpower this weekend, pull down the shades, close your eyes, and catch some daytime ZZZs.
A Thick and Creamy Weight Loss Aid
Persembe, 02.10.2008, 07:00am
If you think it’s too yummy to have any place in a real weight-loss diet, think again.
The Beverage That Blows the Whistle on Stroke
Carsamba, 01.10.2008, 07:00am
You can blow the whistle on"brain attacks"by turning on your teapot.
Chapped Lips? Avoid This . . .
Sali, 30.09.2008, 07:00am
If the cooler fall air has you reaching for your lip balm, flip it over and look at the label.
Dinner Special That Keeps Colons Healthy
Pazartesi, 29.09.2008, 07:00am
Which menu special should you order to keep your colon healthy? Go for the seafood platter.
Go Cheap on Skin Care
Cuma, 26.09.2008, 07:00am
You don't have to fork out for those brand-name, top-of-the-line skin care products.
A Breakfast Favorite That Blasts Fat?
Persembe, 25.09.2008, 07:00am
What popular breakfast food may help you peel away pounds? Clue: You have to crack 'em.
Change Your Genes in 3 Steps
Carsamba, 24.09.2008, 07:00am
Does cancer or other diseases in your family? Then get with this 3-step program.
Canned Soup? Stick This in It
Sali, 23.09.2008, 07:00am
A bowl of canned soup is a quick and easy meal option when you're pressed for time, but sometimes it's hard to find the veggies in there. So soup up your soup with this: fennel.
The Green That KOs Blood Sugar Damage
Pazartesi, 22.09.2008, 07:00am
Like going a couple of rounds with Tyson, high blood sugar can do a number on your vital organs. But eatingthismay give it a one-two punch right back: broccoli.
Protect Your Tea from Your Stomach
Cuma, 19.09.2008, 07:00am
When you sip a cuppa tea, your body’s digestive enzymes may destroy as much as 80 percent of tea’s good-for-you catechins. But there’s a way to counteract that.
A Kid Favorite That’s Good for Blood Sugar
Persembe, 18.09.2008, 07:00am
There’s something sweet and creamy that kids love -- and it may actually be good for your blood sugar.
How Dumbbells Make You Immune to Stress
Carsamba, 17.09.2008, 07:00am
Crazy commute? No problem. Mile-long to-do list? Bring it on. Mini work crisis? Easy.
Tiny Fruit, Big Benefits
Sali, 16.09.2008, 07:00am
It’s small, it’s green, and it’snotsweet. But still, you’ll want to toss this fruit into every dish you can.
Tropical Treat for Joint Pain
Pazartesi, 15.09.2008, 07:00am
Got an achy back? A bum knee? Consider soothing yourself with this poolside treat: a mai tai.
Staying Active May Stave Off This
Cuma, 12.09.2008, 07:00am
You know you should get off the couch and get moving, but if you need an extra push -- or shove -- here's something that ought to do it.
Stock Your Freezer with Juicy Cancer-Fighters
Persembe, 11.09.2008, 07:00am
Blackberries will soon be out of season, so stock up now and stick them in your freezer. Even when iced, they’re bursting with protective nutrients.
How Your Cell Helps Your Weight
Carsamba, 10.09.2008, 07:00am
Know all those hours you spend chatting on your cell? Turns out they might do you some good.
The Orange Veggie That Smoothes Your Skin
Sali, 09.09.2008, 07:00am
Next time you shop for skin care products, make your way to the produce aisle and pick up some squash.
Do Sugar Substitutes Make You Fat?
Pazartesi, 08.09.2008, 07:00am
True or false: If you’re trying to slim down, you should switch from sugar to an artificial sweetener.
A Fun Way to Sharpen Your Memory
Cuma, 05.09.2008, 07:00am
Put down that irksome, unsolvable crossword puzzle, and cut yourself some slack for blanking on the final round ofJeopardy.
Bread Helps Your Blood Pressure
Persembe, 04.09.2008, 07:00am
Here’s some news to make your heart sing: When you pick the right bread, your blood pressure wins!
A Spud for Better Blood Sugar?
Carsamba, 03.09.2008, 07:00am
Not all potatoes are created equal -- especially when it comes to controlling blood sugar. So what’s the superior choice for people hoping to sweep aside diabetes?
How to Be 10 Years Younger
Sali, 02.09.2008, 07:00am
Nope, it's not a time machine you need if you want to be a decade younger. It's a treadmill. Or a bike. Or just a good pair of sneakers.
Go Ahead, Eat a Big Breakfast
Pazartesi, 01.09.2008, 07:00am
Hard to believe, but therecouldbe a benefit to loading up your breakfast plate.
Lose Pounds with Pen and Ink
Cuma, 29.08.2008, 07:00am
Bet you never knew that a pen could be your best weight loss tool.
The Fruit Your Colon Craves
Persembe, 28.08.2008, 07:00am
If you had to choose one fruit to keep your colon happy, which would it be?
Do This Now for Less Pain Later
Carsamba, 27.08.2008, 07:00am
Know those little aches and pains you feel in the morning? You could do something right now to keep them from getting worse when you're older.
The Peppery Green Your Lungs Love
Sali, 26.08.2008, 07:00am
There's a peppery green related to mustard and garden cress that your lungs truly love. It's watercress.
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  » A Super and Safe Appetite Suppressant?
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