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Cuma, 15.11.2019, 01:48pm (GMT)
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Yahoo Health News
Spice Up Your Knees
Pazartesi, 02.02.2009, 08:00am
Can herbs and spices be good medicine for your joints? Possibly. One new contender for soothing creaky knees is ginger.
Are You So Over Oatmeal?
Cuma, 30.01.2009, 08:00am
Have you had it with your morning oatmeal? Here are some reasons -- and ways -- to rekindle the love affair.
How to Crush a Craving -- Fast
Persembe, 29.01.2009, 08:00am
Here’s how to quickly and easily crush a craving for chocolate: Use your feet.
Make a Happy-Friend Date
Carsamba, 28.01.2009, 08:00am
This weekend, have lunch with a good-natured pal. It could have far-reaching benefits for your mental health.
Which Sugar Is Worse?
Sali, 27.01.2009, 08:00am
Can your choice of sugar affect your waistline? It may be too soon to tell, but a very small study recently cast fructose in a worse light.
Feel Stronger with This Mineral
Pazartesi, 26.01.2009, 08:00am
Been feeling like a wet dishrag lately? Could be you’re low on magnesium.
The Best Time to Work Out
Cuma, 23.01.2009, 08:00am
Is it better to exercise in the morning, or later in the day? Let your circadian rhythms be your guide.
Three Herbs That Sweeten Your Breath
Persembe, 22.01.2009, 08:00am
Can’t stand the sting of mouthwash, but want sweeter breath? Set down the Scope, and pick up a pinch of one of these herbs instead:parsley,basil, orcilantro.
Slimming Secret: Tap Your Foot
Carsamba, 21.01.2009, 08:00am
Having trouble getting back to healthier eating habits after all the holiday cooking? Tapping your foot could help keep the extra calories from expanding your waist.
Happy Hour for Your Heart
Sali, 20.01.2009, 08:00am
You know that eating fish is a great way to get more heart-healthy omega-3s. But drinking wine?Seems so. Wine itself doesn’t have any omega-3s, but research suggests that a bit of wine -- not too much, not too little -- somehow boosts blood levels of the fatty acids.What’s Up with Wine?Researchers aren’t sure why wine has this effect, but they suspect that polyphenols -- key antioxidant compounds in wine -- may play a role.
2 Keys to Eating Healthier
Pazartesi, 19.01.2009, 08:00am
Getting more goodness into your meals could be as easy as these two steps: Plan ahead, and eat at the dinner table.
3-for-1 Health Deal
Cuma, 16.01.2009, 08:00am
Use this one New Year’s resolution to help you accomplish three goals at once.
An Easy, Tasty Way to Cut Calories and Fat
Persembe, 15.01.2009, 08:00am
Here’s an easy way to slash major calories from some of your favorite comfort foods -- and you won’t miss a thing.
High Blood Sugar Myth?
Carsamba, 14.01.2009, 08:00am
Think that you don’t have to worry about your blood sugar if you’re diabetes-free? Think again.
You Gotta Have Hope
Sali, 13.01.2009, 08:00am
Are you a hopeful person? If not, here’s a great way to put the stars back in your eyes: Make a New Year’s resolution. (It’s not too late!)
Bitter Fruit for Better Weight Loss
Pazartesi, 12.01.2009, 08:00am
Are the rumors true? Could grapefruit -- touted for years as a weight-loss wonder -- actually work?
How to Handle 4 Common Skin Problems
Cuma, 09.01.2009, 08:00am
Crow's feet, eye bags, frown lines, and liver spots. You can't turn back the clock, but you can hide the hands a little.
Getting This Vitamin Is Vital
Persembe, 08.01.2009, 08:00am
If you're a health-news buff, you know that getting enough of this vitamin is vital to your bones and just about every other body part: vitamin D.
The Seed That Staves Off Heart Disease
Carsamba, 07.01.2009, 08:00am
Can something the size of a pinhead help your heart? Sure, if it's a simple sesame seed.
The Good Stuff That's in Organics
Sali, 06.01.2009, 08:00am
You probably buy organic to get less of the stuff that's bad for you -- like pesticides. But organic foods may have more of the good stuff, too.
Curb Hunger Pangs with This Oil
Pazartesi, 05.01.2009, 08:00am
Here's a snack that ought to stop you from, well, snacking: whole-grain bread dipped in olive oil.
Feel-Good Fruit for Winter Blues
Cuma, 02.01.2009, 08:00am
The whirlwind holiday season has finally passed, and now you’re feeling . . . sad? For a quick pick-me-up, grab a banana.
A Simple Way to Lose Weight
Persembe, 01.01.2009, 08:00am
If dinner feels like a race against the clock, then consider this a speeding ticket from the food police.
Heavy? Aim for 1,000
Carsamba, 31.12.2008, 08:00am
Regardless of where you find yourself on the scale after the holidays, a few extra walks will still do wonders for your heart.
Eat, Drink, and Make Your Blood Sugar Merry
Sali, 30.12.2008, 08:00am
All those holiday leftovers and New Year’s party plates can do a real number on your blood sugar. But here’s a drink that may help fix that: chamomile tea.
Good-for-Your-Colon Hors d’Oeuvre
Pazartesi, 29.12.2008, 08:00am
What’s the perfect party food for better colon health? Easy -- a veggie platter with zesty bean dip.
’Tis the Season for Feel-Good Foods
Cuma, 19.12.2008, 08:00am
Need to chill out around patience-testing relatives or last-minute shoppers? Here are two healthy treats that will power you through.
A Holiday Spice That’s Very Nice
Persembe, 18.12.2008, 08:00am
Whether you sprinkle it on hot drinks or mix it into your favorite muffins, you’re giving yourself the gift of good health with this seasoning: cinnamon.
Eat Your Way to Pearly Whites
Carsamba, 17.12.2008, 08:00am
Can you trade in your teeth-whitening products for something green instead? Maybe.
The Perfect Prewalk Snack
Sali, 16.12.2008, 08:00am
Walking shoes? Check. Sweat socks? Got’em. Pedometer? Yes, siree. Now, nibble on a few of these before your power walk: raisins.
Stop Stroke and Diabetes with This Vitamin
Pazartesi, 15.12.2008, 08:00am
Broccoli lovers, know this: Your favorite veggie is loving you right back, with ample amounts of this stroke-stomping, diabetes-deterring nutrient -- vitamin C.
The Health Benefits of Consumer Confidence
Cuma, 12.12.2008, 08:00am
If you have any extra cash at all this holiday season, your instinct may be to buy yourself a tiny treat. But you’ll probably feel best if you get a small extra something for someone else instead.
Ultimate Vitamin Cocktail for Healthy Joints
Persembe, 11.12.2008, 08:00am
RealAge experts Michael Roizen, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD, suggest this nifty little combo of nutrients for healthier joints.
Dust-Bust Your Way to Healthier Skin
Carsamba, 10.12.2008, 08:00am
Here’s a skin soother you may not have thought of before: vacuuming.
A Combo That Curbs Your Appetite
Sali, 09.12.2008, 08:00am
Here’s a little trick for controlling your appetite. And, interestingly, it has nothing to do with what you eat. It’s about how you exercise.
A Tiny, Round Fruit for Better Blood Flow
Pazartesi, 08.12.2008, 08:00am
A little fresh-fruit snack may put you on the fast track to better blood flow.
A Roman Holiday for Your Skin
Cuma, 05.12.2008, 08:00am
Ever wish you had the smooth complexion of’50s screen stars like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck? Here’s a Mediterranean-style moisturizer that can make it happen.
Why Your Colon Loves Winter
Persembe, 04.12.2008, 08:00am
Here’s a great reason to celebrate colder weather and shorter days: They usher in visits from a family that brings color to your dinners and good tidings to your colon.
The Drink That Makes You Eat Less
Carsamba, 03.12.2008, 08:00am
Once you get to the holidays, your calorie count can creep up without your realizing it.
The Breakfast Ingredient of Champions
Sali, 02.12.2008, 08:00am
Wish you didn’t get so winded when hiking up the stairs? Then start your day with oats. Or bran. Or anything high in fiber.
A Sweet Treat That Protects Your Smile
Pazartesi, 01.12.2008, 08:00am
Here’s a sweet treat that may actually be good for your teeth: dates.
Take a Walk on the Frequent Side
Cuma, 28.11.2008, 08:00am
Wish you could always remember yesterday like it was only yesterday? Then take a 20-minute walk today. And every day.
Feel Good About the Cranberries
Persembe, 27.11.2008, 08:00am
Do you take second helpings when the cranberry relish comes around? Here’s a reason to feel good about it.
3 Super Spices for Your Blood Sugar
Carsamba, 26.11.2008, 08:00am
If you could jazz up your cookingandcontrol your blood sugar with just a sprinkle of this and a dash of that, it’s a no-brainer, right?
Quick Fix for the Stressed Out
Sali, 25.11.2008, 08:00am
Stressed out because you’ve got too much to do and too little time to do it? Dr. Amy Wechsler has a quick tip to help you make it through without getting fried.
Max Out Your Mashed Potatoes
Pazartesi, 24.11.2008, 08:00am
You can safeguard the nutrients in your mashed potatoes by cooking them a little differently this year.
How to Save Your Sick Days
Cuma, 21.11.2008, 08:00am
Want to avoid that"thing"that’s been going around work? Your mood may have something to do with it.
Go Bananas for a Healthier Colon
Persembe, 20.11.2008, 08:00am
What do bananas have in common with corn, eggs, salmon, and spinach? Hint: a vitamin that’s great for your colon.
A Stress-Zapping Mineral
Carsamba, 19.11.2008, 08:00am
It may not get the fanfare that other nutrients do, but this mineral is a stress-fighting superstar: magnesium.
Sweet Home Remedy for Coughs
Sali, 18.11.2008, 08:00am
If a nagging cough is keeping you awake, and cough syrup doesn’t help, there’s something in your kitchen cupboard that might: honey.
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