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Yahoo Health News
Try the Camera-Phone Diet
Pazartesi, 27.04.2009, 07:00am
Could your camera phone help you lose weight? One study seems to suggest so.
Herbs That Halt Headaches?
Cuma, 24.04.2009, 07:00am
When your head hurts, a pain pill is an easy way to silence the throbbing. But did you know there may be herbs that may help, too?
A Tropical Alternative to Almonds
Persembe, 23.04.2009, 07:00am
Have you grown tired of walnuts and almonds? Try this tasty nut Hawaiians are known for: macadamia nuts.
Weight Loss You Can Bank On
Carsamba, 22.04.2009, 07:00am
Making a friendly bet could pay off big on your bathroom scale.
How to Mind Your Multivitamins
Sali, 21.04.2009, 07:00am
Taking a multivitamin is a good way to fill in nutrition gaps. But for your prostate’s sake, take just one a day.
Why Fruit Salad Is Better Than a Banana
Pazartesi, 20.04.2009, 07:00am
Are you stuck in a banana-a-day rut? Here’s a good reason to chop up that’nana with some strawberries, apples, grapes, and oranges.
A Tuber That Tames Your Appetite
Cuma, 17.04.2009, 07:00am
Want a low-cal, low-fat, and highly nutritious veggie that can also tame your appetite? Try jicama (pronounced HICK-a-ma).
Better-Than-Blueberries Fruit
Persembe, 16.04.2009, 07:00am
When it comes to antioxidants, there’s a certain fruit group that may be giving blueberries a run for their money. And you’d be"plum"foolish not to eat’em.
Simple Don’t-Get-Fat Formula
Carsamba, 15.04.2009, 07:00am
It’s a fact of life: We tend to gain weight as we get older. But you’ll pack on fewer pounds over the years with this simple formula.
How to Avoid Doubling Your Dementia Risk
Sali, 14.04.2009, 07:00am
If you’re hoping to dodge age-related dementia down the road, best get a handle on your blood sugar now.
Cut Fat, Protect Your Colon
Pazartesi, 13.04.2009, 07:00am
Cheeseburgers and ice cream. We love to eat’em, even though they clog our arteries and pad our bellies. But here’s one more good reason to cut back.
Get Ready to Be Impressed by Celery
Cuma, 10.04.2009, 07:00am
Mostly water, celery has never been taken very seriously in terms of nutrition, has it?
A Creamy Treat for"Lungevity"
Persembe, 09.04.2009, 07:00am
Step one for preventing lung cancer: say no to tobacco. Step two: have a tablespoon of peanut butter.
Walk This Way for Happier Knees
Carsamba, 08.04.2009, 07:00am
Here’s a good way to keep moving but take some of the pressure off your knees.
Reading Is Good for Weight Loss
Sali, 07.04.2009, 07:00am
Want to be a weight loss success story? It’s simple. Pick up the nutrition stats on everything you eat out -- and really read’em.
Coffee Refill? It's Okay . . .
Pazartesi, 06.04.2009, 07:00am
If you sometimes have trouble cutting yourself off after only one cup of coffee in the morning, don’t fret.
Slim Down Like Clockwork
Cuma, 03.04.2009, 07:00am
A good way to avoid weight gain as you age? Eat.
Why Your Heart Loves Hershey’s
Persembe, 02.04.2009, 07:00am
Something about eating chocolate . . . it has such an instant feel-good effect. And it turns out there’s a reason to feel good.
Toss the Pop, Save Your Kidneys
Carsamba, 01.04.2009, 07:00am
Can you imagine a grocery store without a soft-drink section?
The Hobby That Leads to a Longer Life
Sali, 31.03.2009, 07:00am
A hobby is more than a way to pass the time. It may be a way to get more of it.
A Drink for a Smaller Waist
Pazartesi, 30.03.2009, 07:00am
Here’s an easy way to turn a routine workout into a powerful waist-whittler: Drink green tea.
How Weight Loss Helps Your Colon
Cuma, 27.03.2009, 07:00am
Cutting a few pounds not only will help you toward your ideal weight but it may also cut down on colon growths.
The Blood-Pressure-Friendly Breakfast
Persembe, 26.03.2009, 07:00am
Here’s a great morning meal for better blood pressure: Grind up some flaxseeds and sprinkle them on your whole-grain cereal.
How to Make Gas Go Unnoticed
Carsamba, 25.03.2009, 07:00am
The average person passes gas about 14 times a day, and normally it doesn’t smell bad. But what about when it does?
Your Health’s Dream Job
Sali, 24.03.2009, 07:00am
Wanted: Creative thinker. Is that you? It may not be part of your job description, but if you sharpen this skill your health may thank you.
A New Diet for Better Blood Sugar?
Pazartesi, 23.03.2009, 07:00am
We know that hearts"heart"a Mediterranean-style diet. But here’s big news: so does your blood sugar.
An Easy Way to Cut 220 Calories
Cuma, 20.03.2009, 07:00am
Removing 220 calories from your day could make a big difference to your waistline, right?
The Brief Way to Better Blood Sugar
Persembe, 19.03.2009, 07:00am
Turns out short and sweet could be a good strategy when it comes to reducing your risk of blood sugar problems like diabetes.
Drink Up for Better Bones
Carsamba, 18.03.2009, 07:00am
Know which drink the YOU Docs recommend for better bones? Hint: It’s not milk.
Is Your Heart Irritated?
Sali, 17.03.2009, 07:00am
Bodywide inflammation is a red flag. Down the road, it can mean problems like heart attacks or atherosclerosis. So soothe your heart and arteries with this: vitamin C.
Foods That Fight Belly Fat
Pazartesi, 16.03.2009, 07:00am
Did you know that besides doingwondersfor your health, a certain nutrient group might also help keep your pants size down?
Soothe Stiff Joints with This Sleep Position
Cuma, 13.03.2009, 07:00am
Don’t you hate it when you sleep wrong and all of a sudden getting out of bed is a struggle?
Salad Bar: A Sight for Healthy Eyes
Persembe, 12.03.2009, 07:00am
Did you know that the eye has its own special defense system? It’s true. But you’ve got to feed it this: salad.
Give Stress the Soft Touch
Carsamba, 11.03.2009, 07:00am
If your worries are following you around like a long afternoon shadow, here’s a fun way to give them the slip.
Strength Training? Start with 5
Sali, 10.03.2009, 07:00am
Sometimes it's hard to know how much weight is enough when you’re trying to build a little muscle.
The Legume That Lowers Cholesterol
Pazartesi, 09.03.2009, 07:00am
There's a certain bean that may have cholesterol-lowering powers. Where can you get it? Try a creamy side of hummus.
Trick Your Digestive System Into Eating Less
Cuma, 06.03.2009, 08:00am
One of the best things you can do for your digestionandyour weight is to slow down the speed at which your digestive system works.
A Tangy Treat That’s Good for Your Bladder
Persembe, 05.03.2009, 08:00am
Here’s a diet"do"that may help keep your bladder cancer-free. Start your day with some yogurt. Later, have some more for a snack.
What a Half-Full Glass Gets You
Carsamba, 04.03.2009, 08:00am
If you’re one of those people with a swing in your step and a can-do attitude, you can look forward to better health when you get older.
How to Head Off a Snack Attack
Sali, 03.03.2009, 08:00am
You’ve heard that you will eat more during meals if you watch TV. But could it cause you to eat more later on, too?
A Brew That Prevents Parkinson’s?
Pazartesi, 02.03.2009, 08:00am
Tea time. What better way to give your body and mind a little breather? But if you choose a certain color of tea, you mayreallydo your brain a favor.
Rev Up Your Walk, Live Longer
Cuma, 27.02.2009, 08:00am
A comfortable daily walk is a good place to start if you want to live younger and longer.
Tuna and Eggs Keep Your Brain Big
Persembe, 26.02.2009, 08:00am
As if wrinkles weren’t bad enough, turns out our brains tend to shrivel as we age, too. Could eggs and tuna be the key to less shrinkage?
The Secret to Getting Stuff Done
Carsamba, 25.02.2009, 08:00am
Want to lose weight? Eat better? Look younger? Here’s the surefire way to get yourself moving toward any goal.
Two Nutrients for Better Cholesterol
Sali, 24.02.2009, 08:00am
Trying to lose weight to get your cholesterol down? Excellent. Turbocharge your efforts with this combo supplement: calcium plus vitamin D.
Can You Rub Out High Blood Pressure?
Pazartesi, 23.02.2009, 08:00am
Finally. An indulgence that may actually begoodfor you. What is it, you ask? A long, deep massage.
Self-Help for Headaches
Cuma, 20.02.2009, 08:00am
Next time you get a nagging headache, try a little fingertip therapy. You might feel better more quickly.
A Health Drink for Your Teeth
Persembe, 19.02.2009, 08:00am
Which is better for your teeth -- orange juice or tea?
3 Nontraditional Comfort Foods
Carsamba, 18.02.2009, 08:00am
That bowl of ice cream made you feel better. For about 2 minutes. Now you need a nap.
Run . . . for Your Life!
Sali, 17.02.2009, 08:00am
Starting a regular running habit could mean a longer -- and more comfortable -- life.
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