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Sali, 22.01.2019, 05:06am (GMT)
'E-Aile Hekimliği' uygulaması geliyor ; Başbakan: Devlet hastanesindeki uzman doktorların önü açılacak ; Aile hekimlerinin maaşı ne kadar? ; Aile hekimliği ile ilgili merak edilenler ; Doktorun çilesini bir de "babası"ndan dinleyin
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Yahoo Health News
Calm Your Nerves with a Cuppa This
Carsamba, 25.11.2009, 08:00am
It's calorie free and full of disease-fighting antioxidants, and it can also help turn your simmer-down switch from"frenzy"to"phew."
Breeze Through Today with This Festive Protein
Sali, 24.11.2009, 08:00am
Feeling frazzled? Have another helping of the main course -- if the main course is turkey.
Orange You Glad?
Cuma, 20.11.2009, 08:00am
Eating an orange a day may be one of the secrets to living younger longer.
Sleep Better with This Simple Schedule Switch
Cuma, 18.09.2009, 07:00am
Next time you plan supper, think about having it a little earlier. You could be rewarded with sweet dreams.
A Drink That’s Good for Your Blood Sugar
Carsamba, 16.09.2009, 07:00am
There are powerful little chemical compounds in tea -- called polysaccharides -- that may do your blood sugar a bit of good.
4 Simple Ways to Thwart 4 Major Diseases
Sali, 15.09.2009, 07:00am
Want to reduce your risk of disease by a whopping 78 percent? (Who doesn’t?) Following just four little rules could do it for you.
Try This Supplement for More Energy
Pazartesi, 14.09.2009, 07:00am
Your body makes a special energy source all on its own. And you can get an extra boost of it from a supplement. The nutrient in question? Ribose.
2 Easy Ways to Cut Your Appetite
Cuma, 11.09.2009, 07:00am
Here are two easy ways to feel full faster on less food: use a smaller fork and chew your food longer.
Try This Tart Treat to Balance Blood Sugar
Persembe, 10.09.2009, 07:00am
Can’t resist that twice-baked potato or pile of pasta? Here’s a little trick that may help stymie the blood sugar impact: sprinkle on some vinegar.
How to Walk Away from a Bad Mood
Carsamba, 09.09.2009, 07:00am
When your emotional well-being is in need of a"tune up,"follow this simple rule for feeling better: take more walks.
Go Ahead, Goof Off Today
Sali, 08.09.2009, 07:00am
If not today, goof off soon. Take that vacation, unwind with friends, or spend the day at the beach."Frivolous"indulgences like these are a must for longevity.
A Bread Spread That’s Good for Your Stomach
Pazartesi, 07.09.2009, 07:00am
When you have a craving for something creamy and hearty to spread on your crackers and breads, whip up a bean spread. Your tummy will thank you.
Easy Home Remedies for Flaky Scalp
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 07:00am
Your scalp, like your skin, continuously sheds old, dead cells. So it’s perfectly natural that you’d see the occasional flake or two on your shoulder.
Eat Young and Slim with This Summer Salad
Persembe, 03.09.2009, 07:00am
Uniting the antiaging powers of ferulic acid and the appetite-controlling abilities of protein and fiber, could there be a better choice this weekend than a delicious corn and bean salad?
Smaller Hips, Bigger Brains?
Carsamba, 02.09.2009, 07:00am
Turns out your hips are not the only thing benefitting when you say no to a bunch of extra calories
The Good Thing About Infrequent Exercise
Sali, 01.09.2009, 07:00am
Are your workouts getting fewer and farther between as we roll into fall? Take heart. They still do you some good, sporadic as they are.
Eat This Seafood for Better Skin
Pazartesi, 31.08.2009, 07:00am
Clams, shrimp, salmon . . . which one can do nice things for your skin? Salmon has the edge.
How Your Facial Expressions Affect Your Sleep
Cuma, 28.08.2009, 07:00am
When your -- or your partner’s -- mighty snoring habit keeps you up all night, try changing your facial expressions.
Get More of This Mineral to Prevent Cancer
Persembe, 27.08.2009, 07:00am
There’s a mighty mineral found in cheese and yogurt that could help protect your tummy from cancer. We’re talking about calcium.
The Best Time to Stretch
Carsamba, 26.08.2009, 07:00am
Most people agree that stretching is good for your muscles. But should you do it before or after exercise? When are you likely to reap the most benefits?
The Scent That Soothes Stress
Sali, 25.08.2009, 07:00am
Take some time to smell the roses -- and a whole horde of other lovely flowers, plants, and fruits that seem to zap stress.
Choose This Fatty Dressing for a Smaller Waist
Pazartesi, 24.08.2009, 07:00am
Can salad dressing help you keep the pounds off? New research suggests yes -- but just be sure to make your own dressing with this fat source: safflower oil.
Adopt This Lazy Habit for Heart Health
Cuma, 21.08.2009, 07:00am
Napping, sleeping in, going to bed early . . . we think of them as lazy indulgences. But your heart really wants you to do it.
Lift Your Lungs with This Wonder Food
Persembe, 20.08.2009, 07:00am
It’s versatile, it’s low in fat, and it’s high in protein. And it just might help your lungs stay lusty and young. We’re talking about soy.
Natural Bug-Bite Deterrents
Carsamba, 19.08.2009, 07:00am
If you can’t stand the smell of DEET or citronella candles, try the natural bug-bite deterrent suggestions from Chinese doctor and author Maoshing Ni.
Eat This Crunchy Snack for Your Blood Sugar
Persembe, 06.08.2009, 07:00am
If you’re looking for a sweet, diabetes-thwarting snack, pick up an apple.
How to Break the Craving Chain
Carsamba, 05.08.2009, 07:00am
Remember the potato chip slogan"Betcha can’t eat just one"? There’s some scientific truth to it.
Easy Way to Love Your Job
Sali, 04.08.2009, 07:00am
Next time you’re feeling uninspired at work, you can turn the tide around at lunchtime. Just use your lunch break to work up a sweat.
Try This Noodle for Better Blood Pressure
Pazartesi, 03.08.2009, 07:00am
Pasta salad. Summer isn’t complete without it. And here’s the noodle you should use to do your blood pressure some good at the same time: whole-wheat pasta.
Working Out a Good Cry
Cuma, 31.07.2009, 07:00am
Feel like you could use a good cry but just can’t get the waterworks started? Try going for a long, hard walk.
Sip This for Breakfast to Curb Hunger
Persembe, 30.07.2009, 07:00am
If you often feel ravenous by noon despite a good breakfast, try drinking some of this with your morning meal: skim milk.
Try This Laundry Trick for Allergy Relief
Carsamba, 29.07.2009, 07:00am
You may be able to turn your allergy symptoms down a notch by turning up the heat.
Save Your Sight with This Protein Switch
Sali, 28.07.2009, 07:00am
Salmon patties or lean beef burgers at your next barbecue? You might help your eyes see better down the road if you grill up the salmon instead.
Indulge in This Creamy Snack for Better Cholesterol
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 07:00am
Next time you’re yearning for something rich and creamy, here’s an almost guilt-free indulgence your ticker will love: peanut butter.
Tune Up Your Hearing with This Mineral
Cuma, 24.07.2009, 07:00am
If you want to keep your ears working well enough to hear a pin drop, consider popping this mineral: magnesium.
Consider a New Sugar Substitute
Persembe, 23.07.2009, 07:00am
Think a healthy, natural sweetener with next to no calories is too good to be true? Read on.
Try This Slimming Seasoning
Carsamba, 22.07.2009, 07:00am
Here’s a spice that may be twice as nice as others when it comes to helping you trim down: turmeric.
How Solar Power Helps Your Brain, Too
Sali, 21.07.2009, 07:00am
Solar power isn’t just a smart move in the home. It’s a smart move for your head, too.
Give Your Blood Pressure This Daily Treat
Pazartesi, 20.07.2009, 07:00am
Just 30 calories per day of chocolate may be enough to help reduce your blood pressure. As far as serving sizes go, that’s about a Hershey’s Kiss worth.
Feeling Nostalgic? It’s Good for You!
Cuma, 17.07.2009, 07:00am
Ahh, the past. That place we like to look whenever we think the present just doesn’t quite measure up.
Clean Up Indoor Air with These Plants
Persembe, 16.07.2009, 07:00am
Pick up these natural air allies from your local nursery: philodendrons, spider plants, and ivy.
Eat That Sandwich Like a Grown-Up
Carsamba, 15.07.2009, 07:00am
If you’re tempted to nibble around the bread crusts when you finish a sandwich, you might be leaving out the most nutritious part.
Magic Number That Keeps Weight Off
Sali, 14.07.2009, 07:00am
Lost a little weight recently? Here’s the magic number you need to know to keep it off: 275.
The Perfect Postworkout Treat
Carsamba, 20.05.2009, 07:00am
For a postworkout drink that helps you trim, tone, and rehydrate, look to this childhood fave: milk
Boost Your Memory with Scribbles
Sali, 19.05.2009, 07:00am
Bill Gates does it. And you should, too. That is, if you want to remember things better.
Sip This for Superhealthy Teeth
Pazartesi, 18.05.2009, 07:00am
Can't get to your toothbrush? Try sipping a cup of green tea instead.
A Flash of Red Can Sharpen Focus
Cuma, 15.05.2009, 07:00am
When you need to make a tough decision, just think about the last time you were angry.
Got a Craving? Forget Moderation
Persembe, 14.05.2009, 07:00am
Just a tiny taste of a treat and you’ll be able to put the craving out of your head for good, right?
Save the Planet, Get Skinny
Carsamba, 13.05.2009, 07:00am
Even if you don’t sport a hybrid car, and you sometimes forget to recycle, here’s another way you can save the planet -- and get skinny to boot: Lace up those walking shoes.
How to Find Dr. Right
Sali, 12.05.2009, 07:00am
of the most important decisions you will ever make -- and you’ll probably make it more than once -- is choosing the right doctor.
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