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Sali, 22.01.2019, 05:05am (GMT)
'E-Aile Hekimliği' uygulaması geliyor ; Başbakan: Devlet hastanesindeki uzman doktorların önü açılacak ; Aile hekimlerinin maaşı ne kadar? ; Aile hekimliği ile ilgili merak edilenler ; Doktorun çilesini bir de "babası"ndan dinleyin
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Yahoo Health News
Add This to Your Rice to Curb All-Day Appetite
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 07:00am
Shrink your appetite, your calorie intake, and your pants size with just one little addition to your rice: vegetables.
Get a Little Crazy, Live Longer?
Cuma, 10.09.2010, 07:00am
We all have unexciting days sometimes. But, hey, having a boring day beats having a really bad one, right?
New Olive Oil Health Powers Revealed
Persembe, 09.09.2010, 07:00am
You already know that olive oil is chock-full of healthy fats. But here's another reason to cook with it: Olive oil might actually help "turn off" genes that could harm your heart.
Fast-Food's Catch? It's Not the Calories
Carsamba, 08.09.2010, 07:00am
Sure, no one needs the fat and calories in a double cheeseburger with fries. But research suggests it's not the fat and calories you should fear.
Walk Your Way to Nicer Teeth
Sali, 07.09.2010, 07:00am
Walking really does your body good from head to toe. Not only will it help keep your legs strong and your waist trim, but it may protect your pearly whites, too.
Choose This Protein, Hear Better
Pazartesi, 06.09.2010, 07:00am
Reconsider that chicken on top of your pasta. This protein choice is music to your mouthandyour ears: salmon.
Sad? Don't Forget About It
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 07:00am
Feel sad sometimes but don't know exactly why? Tempted to just brush past it? Well, don't. Understanding the source of your sadness can be key to moving on.
Skirt Ulcers with This Salad Topper
Persembe, 02.09.2010, 07:00am
There's a crazy-nutritious salad-bar topper that may have the power to thwart ulcer-causing bacteria: We're talking about broccoli sprouts.
Limit This Cooking Style for Healthier Breasts
Carsamba, 01.09.2010, 07:00am
If your weekend barbecue has you thinking you should be grilling every night, consider this:
Thin or Active: Which Is More Important?
Sali, 31.08.2010, 07:00am
Is your health goal to get thin or to get active? Science suggests it may be best to think more about breaking a sweat than about stepping on the scale.
Do This for 5 Minutes, Get 5 Years Younger
Pazartesi, 30.08.2010, 07:00am
Here's a pleasant little pastime that takes about 5 minutes to do each day but could make you up to 5 years younger if you're faithful to it: drinking tea.
Enjoy Spot-Free Skin with This Dark Red Fruit
Cuma, 27.08.2010, 07:00am
Sun spots are right up there with wrinkles when it comes to the list of skin defects we’d all rather avoid. But keeping sun spots at bay may be as easy as munching on sweet, tangy pomegranate seeds.
Eat This Leafy Green for Your Colon
Persembe, 26.08.2010, 07:00am
Keep your colon polyp-free by using this leafy green in your fresh summer salads: spinach.
Eat Better by Surfing the Net
Carsamba, 25.08.2010, 07:00am
If all too often your fresh fruits and veggies fail to make it from your crisper drawer onto your plate, try going online.
How a Bus Ride Makes You Fit
Sali, 24.08.2010, 07:00am
Not getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day? Then take the bus.
Which Nut Is Tops for Clearing Arteries?
Pazartesi, 23.08.2010, 07:00am
Nuts certainly are great for heart health. But which nut should you choose if you want to make the most progress against heart disease: walnuts, almonds, or pecans?
Try This Tropical Treat for Healthier Lungs
Cuma, 20.08.2010, 07:00am
Here's a swimsuit-friendly tropical treat your lungs will love: fresh papaya.
Take Your Vitamin D at This Time
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 07:00am
No doubt about it, vitamin D has risen to the ranks of nutritional superstardom. But you need to give this talent the red carpet treatment to really get a good show.
Is Your Sandwich Making You Older?
Carsamba, 18.08.2010, 07:00am
Turns out the type of sandwich fixing you choose could cause you to age faster. And the bread stuffing that really sticks it to you? Processed meat.
Keep Weight off with This Kid Pastime
Sali, 17.08.2010, 07:00am
Many of us haven't done it since our skinned-knee playground days. But research shows it may help keep you slim. Hint: It involves two wheels.
Safeguard Your Memory with This Snack
Pazartesi, 16.08.2010, 07:00am
Fend off a future with Alzheimer’s by having a handful of these for your afternoon snack: sunflower seeds.
These People Can Help You Reach Your Goals
Cuma, 13.08.2010, 07:00am
Wish you could lay off the potato chips better? Then spend more time with someone who's got excellent self-control.
Make Onions Even Healthier with This Storage Trick
Persembe, 12.08.2010, 07:00am
Onions are fairly bursting with antioxidants and other nutritious goodies. But you can get even more out of them if you tuck them away for a spell.
Natural Way to Soothe Postworkout Aches
Carsamba, 11.08.2010, 07:00am
Take the "ouch" out of workouts by cooking with this spicy little root: ginger.
Feel Better Instantly with These Foods
Sali, 10.08.2010, 07:00am
A handful of walnuts, a cup of oatmeal, a few sips of tea . . . what do all of these things have in common? They may help turn you into Susie Sunshine.
How to Snack Without Getting Huge
Pazartesi, 09.08.2010, 07:00am
Sneaking a snack now and then is a recipe for waistline disaster, right? Maybe not. A new study suggests a snack strategy that might help you avoid ending up five sizes bigger.
Eat This Kind of Salsa for Firmer Skin
Cuma, 06.08.2010, 07:00am
Need a little lift? Skip the Botox, and inject some mango salsa into your mouth instead.
Love Your Colon with This Spicy Little Number
Persembe, 05.08.2010, 07:00am
It's found in spicy chili, bold sauces, and many south-of-the-border goodies. It's also the stuff that gives hot peppers their heat and makes your eyes water just a tad. And your colon really loves it.
How a Fist Bump Helps Your Heart
Carsamba, 04.08.2010, 07:00am
If you often find yourself celebrating the good things in life with an enthusiastic fist bump or a happy high five, then score one for your heart.
Stewing These Stalks Delivers More Nutrition
Sali, 03.08.2010, 07:00am
It's an herb, a perennial, and a popular pie filling -- and it's better for you when you bake or stew it. We're talking about rhubarb.
Follow This Morning Ritual to Get Slimmer
Pazartesi, 02.08.2010, 07:00am
Ever skip breakfast, secretly hoping you'll fit into your jeans better if you do?
Is Beer Good for Your Bones?
Cuma, 30.07.2010, 07:00am
For years, we have been hearing that wine is good for the heart. Now, new research suggests there may be a body benefit for beer lovers, too.
Eat These"Top 3" Antioxidant-Rich Veggies
Persembe, 29.07.2010, 07:00am
Anyone who's been to the Saturday farmers market knows there are lots of veggies out there to choose from. But do you know what ones are richest in antioxidants?
Eat This Creamy Snack for a Healthier Mouth
Carsamba, 28.07.2010, 07:00am
We all want healthy, problem-free teeth. And for as long as possible. So here's a creamy snack that just might keep a good roll going: yogurt.
Positions That Ease Back Pain
Sali, 27.07.2010, 07:00am
Bend and twist? Totally bad news if you have an iffy back. But here are some poses that could have your back feeling fine: yoga poses.
Choose This Protein for More Mental Power
Pazartesi, 26.07.2010, 07:00am
Chicken or fish? It's not just a choice you make at wedding receptions. Your answer could be a ticket to a healthier mind, too.
Better Blood Sugar in a Bowl
Cuma, 23.07.2010, 07:00am
Get yourself on the fast track to better blood sugar with a bowlful of this at breakfast: oatmeal.
3 Treats That Make You Smarter
Persembe, 22.07.2010, 07:00am
Having a razor-sharp wit sure makes dinner parties more fun. And these three dinner-party treats might give your wit the edge: wine, chocolate, and tea.
How to Undo Neck Pain
Carsamba, 21.07.2010, 07:00am
In this age of computer keyboards and late-night Web surfing, you may be no stranger to neck pain. So here's what you do if you want it to get better: strength train.
Spicy Sandwich Topping Fights Cancer
Sali, 20.07.2010, 07:00am
If the only reason you eat horseradish is to add some kick to your sandwich, you may want to find a few more uses.
Eat This Snack to Get Skinnier
Pazartesi, 19.07.2010, 07:00am
There's a sweet, super-smart snack that could help you feel fuller, so you'd eat less at mealtimes and fit into your jeans better.
The Best Time to Shower for Better Sleep
Cuma, 16.07.2010, 07:00am
What time do you shower? Your answer could have an effect on how well you sleep.
Help Knees Feel Better with This Fruit
Persembe, 15.07.2010, 07:00am
Creaky knees? Maybe snacking on these every day could help bring a little comfort: grapes.
Stressed? Take Those Old Records off the Shelf
Carsamba, 14.07.2010, 07:00am
When your body is in knots and your mind won't let your worries rest, you might think that a massage is the way to go. But here’s a cheaper, quicker fix: music.
Get More Muscle Tone with This Protein
Sali, 13.07.2010, 07:00am
Forget the special postworkout protein drinks. Have a glass of this if you want to maximize muscle toning: milk.
Flatten Your Belly with This Eating Habit
Pazartesi, 12.07.2010, 07:00am
If you want to banish belly fat, you've gotta do something fairly counterintuitive: eat.
Extra Easy Way to Burn 100 Calories
Cuma, 09.07.2010, 07:00am
Torching a few extra calories from your day would be a great way to edge closer to your high school size. And here's a really easy way to do it: Just flip a switch.
Sip This Juice for Clearer Arteries
Persembe, 08.07.2010, 07:00am
Whether beside oatmeal or eggs, this breakfast favorite is sure to help keep your arteries squeaky clean: orange juice.
Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Pancreas
Carsamba, 07.07.2010, 07:00am
It's relatively rare but, unfortunately, often fatal. We're talking about pancreatic cancer. The good news? Scientists have pinpointed five key ways to reduce risk.
Unique Protein Source Snuffs Out Wrinkles
Sali, 06.07.2010, 07:00am
Ahhh, soy. It's a love-it-or-hate-it kind of food. But maybe you would grow to adore tofu, tempeh, and edamame if you knew this: It could help you look younger.
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