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Yahoo Health News
Boil Up This Springtime Vegetable for Better Memory
Cuma, 29.04.2011, 07:00am
Pureed into soup, boiled, or grilled, this is one spring veggie you can't afford to forget about: artichokes.
Eat This Dark Treat to Ease Blood Pressure
Persembe, 28.04.2011, 07:00am
Here's one of the best ways to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your blood pressure in check: Take a nibble of dark chocolate.
Stymie Blood Clots with a Cuppa This
Carsamba, 27.04.2011, 07:00am
Go ahead, have that cup of coffee. Turns out a morning cup of joe could cut your risk of stroke.
Make Your Waist Smaller with This 30-Second Habit
Sali, 26.04.2011, 07:00am
Few things plant the waist-widening TV remote more firmly in our hands than the need to destress. But here's a healthier way to let go of it all: Just breathe deeply.
Eat Healthier Just by Picturing This
Pazartesi, 25.04.2011, 07:00am
If you want to eat healthier, just picture yourself doing this: eating healthier!
Got a Health Goal? Watch Success Stories
Cuma, 22.04.2011, 07:00am
If you're finding it tough to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, or reach another health goal, here's a way to see results: Start watching success stories.
Bake with This for Healthier Arteries
Persembe, 21.04.2011, 07:00am
A bowl of salted nuts isn't the only way to get your nut nutrition. So think outside the peanut bowl and try baking with this: pecan flour.
New Vitamin Research on Improving Blood Sugar
Carsamba, 20.04.2011, 07:00am
Blood sugar problems? Might want to make sure you get your daily dose of D.
The Juice That Makes Exercise Easier
Sali, 19.04.2011, 07:00am
Think outside the sports-drink bottle when you're looking for a workout beverage. New research puts the "gives you an edge" spotlight on this vegetable drink: beet juice.
Eat This Sweet, Chewy Treat to Live Longer
Pazartesi, 18.04.2011, 07:00am
You just might live longer if you satisfy your sweet tooth with this chewy, gooey treat: figs.
Repeat This Phrase to Undo Stressful Thoughts
Cuma, 15.04.2011, 07:00am
Sometimes the noise from inside our own heads is the biggest stressor of all. But here's the phrase that can turn things around for you: "My mind is calm."
Mash This Kind of Potato to Baby Your Heart
Persembe, 14.04.2011, 07:00am
Potatoes sometimes get a bad health rap. But new research shows that certain varieties may help quiet inflammatory processes that set the stage for disease.
Get One Can of This Each Week for Better Eyes
Carsamba, 13.04.2011, 07:00am
Your standard shopping run should include a can of this each week to help your eyes: tuna.
Get Happier with This Walking Option
Sali, 12.04.2011, 07:00am
Walking is a great way to get healthy and happy. But mentally you'll feel even better if you make the choice to walk outside.
Try These Savory Seasonings for Your Heart
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 08:00am
For years they've been the staples in holiday stuffing. Now it turns out they're pretty fantastic for your heart, too. The savories in question? Celery and thyme.
A Better-for-You Meat Marinade
Carsamba, 08.12.2010, 08:00am
Marinate your meat or poultry in oils and spices? Heck no! Not when you can do these dishes a healthy and delicious turn with this twist: wine or fruit juice marinades.
Live Longer with This 30-Minute Habit
Sali, 07.12.2010, 08:00am
You could cut your mortality risk dramatically if you just did this for 30 minutes: walk.
The Perfect Snack for Weight Control
Pazartesi, 06.12.2010, 08:00am
Want to stay faithful to your diet or lose more weight? Eat a handful of nuts when you get the munchies.
Do This, Feel Happy for 12 Hours
Cuma, 03.12.2010, 08:00am
Spend 20 easy minutes doing this and you could help guarantee a good mood for 12 hours: walk.
Curb Two Health Risks with This One Protein
Persembe, 02.12.2010, 08:00am
Reduce cancer risk and control cholesterol with one protein choice? Maybe so, if that protein is salmon.
Soften Your Skin with This Savory Treat
Carsamba, 01.12.2010, 08:00am
What do your skin and that last slice of leftover turkey in the fridge have in common? They both might be a little dry right about now.
The 9 a.m. Habit That Protects Your Brain
Sali, 30.11.2010, 08:00am
If your day doesn't start until you've brewed a fresh pot of coffee or tea, then your brain is one lucky mass of gray matter.
Boost Your Junk-Food Resistance with This Simple Plan
Pazartesi, 29.11.2010, 08:00am
You'll be fitting into those skinny jeans in no time if you adopt this simple habit: pay with cash.
Go Ahead, Go Back for Seconds
Cuma, 26.11.2010, 08:00am
Debating whether to take a second helping of together time with friends or family today? Go ahead, go back for more.
Choose This Sauce for a Healthier Mouth and Stomach
Persembe, 25.11.2010, 08:00am
Take an extra helping of this sauce as it heads around the dinner table today: cranberry relish. Your mouth and stomach will thank you.
Cheer Up with This Vitamin Choice
Carsamba, 24.11.2010, 08:00am
Keeping your spirits up through the winter may be as simple as popping a multivitamin. Just be sure yours contains B6 and B12.
Sleep Better with This Sweaty Habit
Sali, 23.11.2010, 08:00am
Ready to be a super-steadfast sleeper? Then it's time to get physical.
Eat This Grain to Reduce Belly Fat
Pazartesi, 22.11.2010, 08:00am
Ditching belly fat may be a simple matter of choosing the right rice or bread. And the choice to make? Whole grain.
Eat These Grains to Reduce Belly Fat
Pazartesi, 22.11.2010, 08:00am
Ditching belly fat may be a simple matter of choosing the right rice or bread. And the choice to make? Whole grains.
How to Outsmart Your Obesity Genes
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 08:00am
Not a lot of size 6’s in your family? Well, then, here’s the simple trick to outrunning your obesity genes: movement.
Maximize Antioxidants with This Style of Tea
Persembe, 18.11.2010, 08:00am
Tea sure is loaded with good-for-your-body nutrients. But to really get your fill of antioxidants from tea, choose brewed over bottled.
Eat This Kind of Bean to Lower Cholesterol
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 08:00am
What kind of bean do you pile high on your tacos and burritos? For better cholesterol, try the mighty pinto bean.
Lower Your Blood Pressure in 20 Minutes
Sali, 16.11.2010, 08:00am
It’s the quickest way to lower your blood pressure without lifting a finger. Just watch something funny.
Stop Winter Weight Gain with This Side Dish
Pazartesi, 15.11.2010, 08:00am
There's nothing like an exercise high. But if you're not feeling happier after a workout, you may need more of this: independence.
Keep Arteries Healthy with This Crunchy Snack
Cuma, 12.11.2010, 08:00am
If your snack attacks have you craving something crunchy, do your arteries a favor and munch on pumpkin seeds.
Which Is More Sanitary: Hand Towels or Air Dryers?
Persembe, 11.11.2010, 08:00am
When you're in a public restroom, do you go for the paper towels or the air dryer after you wash your hands? To get your paws cleanest, choose the towels.
Get Slimmer with This No-Guilt Diet
Carsamba, 10.11.2010, 08:00am
The next time a double-fudge brownie indulgence has you racked with guilt, remember this: Guilt just guarantees that brownie will go straight to your belly.
The Side Dish That Thwarts Aggressive Cancer
Sali, 09.11.2010, 08:00am
The risk of a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer could be cut by over a third with this side dish: a tossed salad.
Use This High-Antioxidant Spice in Hot Drinks
Pazartesi, 08.11.2010, 08:00am
Next time you cozy up with a hot mug of something special, consider tossing in a spice that's bursting with antioxidants: cloves.
Dig Deeper, Get Happier
Cuma, 05.11.2010, 07:00am
When you sit down to chat over coffee with a friend, spend a few minutes digging deeper than TV and the weather.
Enjoy These 3 Comfort Foods for Your Blood Sugar
Persembe, 04.11.2010, 07:00am
Eating better-for-your-blood-sugar meals doesn't mean saying bye-bye to creamy, hearty, fatty comfort foods. Here are three blood sugar winners.
Be a Quick Healer: Chant This
Carsamba, 03.11.2010, 07:00am
Next time you feel your blood start to boil, chant this mantra: "blue skies." Why? A calm mantra just might turn you into a fast healer.
Zap the Aging Effects of Stress in 14 Minutes
Sali, 02.11.2010, 07:00am
Few things speed the aging process like chronic stress. It's like adding fuel to an already capable fire. So take a few minutes to undo the damage.
Best Snack for Dieters: Nuts or Pretzels?
Pazartesi, 01.11.2010, 07:00am
Your snacking choices have the power to make or break your diet. So choose this crunchy snack for weight loss success: pistachios.
Eat This Breakfast to Get Happy
Cuma, 29.10.2010, 07:00am
That bowl of cereal you have for breakfast each morning? It just might be giving you an all-day edge when it comes to feeling happy.
Use This Spice to Curb Holiday Snack Attacks
Persembe, 28.10.2010, 07:00am
Has the end-of-year parade of goodies started at your home or office? Make them easier to resist by cooking with this flavorful herb: saffron
The Choice That Drops Diabetes Risk
83 Percent

Carsamba, 27.10.2010, 07:00am
You could be a whopping 83 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes with this menu choice: Mediterranean fare.
Make Your Lower Back Feel Good with These Moves
Sali, 26.10.2010, 07:00am
Want your back to feel good? Then you gotta do all the right moves. And the best moves for your back just might be yoga moves.
Increase Brain Blood Flow with This Chocolaty Treat
Pazartesi, 25.10.2010, 07:00am
Indulge in this chocolaty cold-weather treat to give your brain a boost on family Scrabble night: hot cocoa.
How Punching a Clock Helps Your Heart
Cuma, 22.10.2010, 07:00am
If you just can't seem to break away when your shift ends, make it a mandate for your heart.
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