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Cumartesi, 23.02.2019, 08:45pm (GMT)
'E-Aile Hekimliği' uygulaması geliyor ; Başbakan: Devlet hastanesindeki uzman doktorların önü açılacak ; Aile hekimlerinin maaşı ne kadar? ; Aile hekimliği ile ilgili merak edilenler ; Doktorun çilesini bir de "babası"ndan dinleyin
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Newsweek Health News
Watching My First Abortion
Cumartesi, 15.08.2009, 06:00pm
When I watched an abortion for the first time, my reaction surprised me.
Obama Needs to Reframe the Health-Care Debate
Cumartesi, 15.08.2009, 05:58pm
Obama needs to reframe the debate.
Socialized Medicine Has a Good Side
Cumartesi, 15.08.2009, 04:24pm
Most Americans have heard horror stories of long waits for health-care services in other countries. But according to a study by the Commonwealth Fund, Nearly one quarter of Americans reported waiting six days or more for an appointment with their doctor. New Zealand scored best, with just 3 percent waiting that long, followed by Australia (10 percent), Germany (13 percent), and Britain (15 percent). Canada rounded out the bottom, with more than a third waiting six days or more. Similarly, America shares with its northern neighbor the dubious honor of being ranked last in terms of patients' ability to make same-day appointments. Only 26 percent of Americans and Canadians reported being able see their doctor on the day they called, compared with 60 percent in the Netherlands and 48 percent in Britain. Karen Davis, president of the Commonwealth Fund, says America ranks last overall in the fund's comparative studies, which consider access, equity, cost, quality, and efficiency measures across select developed countries. "Where we do well is on …selective surgery," she says. Only 8 percent of Americans have to wait four months or more for an elective procedure, and 62 percent wait less than a month. In Britain, 41 percent of patients have to wait four months or more. The disparity between primary and elective care, says Davis, is mostly due to a shortage of primary-care docs in the U.S.; we produce more specialists because specialists earn a lot more.
The Argument Against Paid Family Leave
Carsamba, 05.08.2009, 07:06pm
Mandating paid time off cripples employers, alienates women, and ignores economic realities.
How Being Right- (or Left-) Handed Shapes Judgment
Sali, 04.08.2009, 02:31pm
Handedness shapes our judgments of good and bad, smart and stupid, happy and sad.
My Summer at the CDC's Disease Detective Camp
Pazartesi, 03.08.2009, 09:24pm
At a camp sponsored by the CDC, kids (and our intrepid reporter) learn to be disease detectives.
Why U.S. Needs Paid Family Leave
Pazartesi, 03.08.2009, 08:09pm
Why the United States Should Follow Australia's Lead
How Colleges Plan to Cope with Swine Flu
Pazartesi, 03.08.2009, 07:17pm
Colleges are bracing for the spread of swine flu this fall. How they plan to cope.
Gross: We’re Already Nationalizing Health Care
Cumartesi, 01.08.2009, 02:30pm
How government programs are saving insurance companies from disaster.
Alter: Our Heath-Care System Is Just Fine As Is!
Cuma, 31.07.2009, 07:40pm
Reform? Why do we need health-care reform? Everything is just fine the way it is.
Clift: Time for an Honest Healthcare Conversation
Cuma, 31.07.2009, 05:32pm
For the country to get real health-care reform, Americans have to come to grips with end-of-life issues.
The Problem With the Rorschach: It Doesn't Work
Persembe, 30.07.2009, 06:37pm
The real problem with the Rorschach test: It doesn't work.
Real Funny People: Young Patients Laugh at Cancer
Carsamba, 29.07.2009, 09:58pm
Cancer kills more young people than any other disease, and survival rates have not improved in more than 30 years for people in their 20s and 30s. How some patients are using humor to fight back.
Why Studies of Popular Science Are Often Wrong
Sali, 28.07.2009, 07:01pm
The hotter a field, the more likely its findings are in error.
Scientists Are Concerned About Cancer in Animals
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 11:08pm
The great outdoors is a dangerous place for animals, who often die from hunger, predator attacks, or infections. But cancer can also be a culprit, and human pollution may be making it worse.
Urban Gardens Grow During Troubled Times
Pazartesi, 27.07.2009, 01:25pm
By reclaiming vacant lots, providing cheap produce, and giving community members a sense or purpose, city gardens reap a bounty of benefits.
The Science Behind Cancer Prognoses
Persembe, 23.07.2009, 10:24pm
What does it mean to receive an end-of-life prognosis? Less than you think.
Do Genes Affect How You Respond to a Placebo?
Carsamba, 22.07.2009, 10:30pm
Whether you respond to sugar pills may depend on your DNA.
How Old Is Too Old to Be a Mom?
Carsamba, 22.07.2009, 10:07pm
Why the death of a 68-year-old new mom made me rethink the limits of parenthood.
24/7 Wall Street: The Next Blockbuster Drugs
Carsamba, 22.07.2009, 04:29pm
From cholesterol fighters to asthma relief, these treatments could earn Big Pharma $170 billion
Ted Kennedy Speaks Out on Health-Care Reform
Cumartesi, 18.07.2009, 05:21pm
Inside the fight for universal health care.
We Are What We Treat
Cumartesi, 18.07.2009, 02:46pm
Fixing health care, American style.
How Osama Bin Laden Ruined Health Care
Cuma, 17.07.2009, 12:20am
OK, not really. But without a villian to rouse our passions, it's hard for America to get invested.
New Treatment Confounds Alzheimer's Orthodoxy
Persembe, 16.07.2009, 01:07pm
One surprising new treatment calls the conventional wisdom into question.
Abortion’s Role In the Health Care Debate
Sali, 14.07.2009, 05:13pm
Debate over the role of abortion in publicly funded health care could be one more stumbling block.
5 Biggest Mistakes of Mothers-in-Law
Cuma, 10.07.2009, 09:43pm
A new book unravels the ancient conflict. Plus: The five biggest mistakes both sides make.
The Secret To Living Longer and Staying Healthy?
Cuma, 10.07.2009, 04:35pm
Caloric Restriction May Extend Lives. Is it Worth It?
Why Language May Shape Our Thoughts
Persembe, 09.07.2009, 10:19pm
Language may shape our thoughts.
Watch Funny Videos--Google Will Pay!
Persembe, 09.07.2009, 10:11pm
But it will cost Google plenty. Inside the company's YouTube problem.
Oregon Trial Spotlights Faith Healing Cases
Carsamba, 08.07.2009, 06:34pm
An Oregon couple is the latest to be tried for prohibiting medical treatment for their sick child. A look at 'faith healing' in America.
A Disturbing New Green Parenting Book
Carsamba, 08.07.2009, 05:02pm
What's so disturbing about a new green parenting guide?
Is Unconscious Plagiarism a Real Phenomenon?
Carsamba, 08.07.2009, 01:42pm
Is cryptomnesia—copying the work of others without being aware of it—to blame for journalism's ultimate sin? Um, maybe not.
The Cochrane Collaboration: Fact-Checking Science
Sali, 07.07.2009, 10:22pm
Meet the Cochrane Collaboration, a group of scientists who are verifying the latest research in their spare time.
Are Fireworks Chemicals Dangerous?
Persembe, 02.07.2009, 04:49pm
Are "green" fireworks the answer to unhealthy pyrotechnics? 
Biologists Struggle to Make Sense of Genomics
Cumartesi, 27.06.2009, 09:04pm
Ten years ago, the human genome was medicine's holy grail. Playing the part of King Arthur's knights were rival teams of biologists racing to sequence all the genetic instructions required to make a human being. And just as the actual Holy Grail was believed to have miraculous healing powers, some promised that the genome would change medicine forever. Biotech companies raced to cash in—Human Genome Sciences, for instance, filed patents on 100,000 genes and, in 1999, saw its stock quadruple. But genomic science didn't deliver fast breakthroughs. Today Human Genome's stock price is down below $3, and its vast patent portfolio looks like overkill, considering that a human has only about 20,000 genes altogether.
What Fixes Low Testosterone Best: Meds or Porn?
Carsamba, 20.05.2009, 04:39pm
The makers of a testosterone supplement are launching a national campaign touting the youth-enhancing benefits of their product. But there may be a cheaper, less clinical solution to low hormone levels.
Should the Courts Make Medical Decisions for Kids?
Sali, 19.05.2009, 08:31pm
In the battle between families and the courts over medical treatment for kids, who has the last word?
Can New York’s Dr. Frieden Fix What Ails the CDC?
Sali, 19.05.2009, 05:13pm
President Obama has tapped New York's controversial top doc to head the CDC. What will Tom Frieden bring to the job?
Should We Donate Used Pacemakers to the Needy?
Pazartesi, 18.05.2009, 06:46pm
Thousands of serviceable pacemakers are thrown away or stored each year when cardiac patients die. Is there a way to donate them to global aid programs?
Could a Gene Test Change Autism?
Cumartesi, 16.05.2009, 07:52pm
Scientists are closing in on the genes linked to autism. So why is Ari Ne'eman so worried?
Does Announcing Your Goals Help You Succeed?
Carsamba, 13.05.2009, 05:32pm
A new study looks at whether announcing your goals helps you follow through on them.
Flu Takes Political Toll on Mexico's Calderón
Persembe, 07.05.2009, 10:58pm
President Calderón's handling of the outbreak may have hastened his party's slide.
How Mothers Influence a Daughter’s Body Image
Carsamba, 06.05.2009, 07:51pm
Two new books look at the influence mothers have on their daughters' body image—and how women can instill confidence instead of insecurity.
Miracle Medicine: Doctors Help Vets Regrow Muscle
Carsamba, 06.05.2009, 04:41pm
Regenerative medicine experts are helping wounded vets regrow lost muscle tissue. Will fingers and limbs be next?
Why Future Flu Pandemics May Be Much More Lethal
Pazartesi, 04.05.2009, 08:01pm
Scientists prepare for a more severe strain of influenza that spreads as easily as the swine flu but is as lethal as SARS. 
Why Future Flu Pandemics May Be Much More Lethal
Pazartesi, 04.05.2009, 08:01pm
Scientists prepare for a more severe strain of influenza that spreads as easily as the swine flu but is as lethal as SARS. 
Apples And Oranges: Swine Flu Versus SARS
Cumartesi, 02.05.2009, 09:04pm
History repeats itself, but not without wrinkles. We pick apart the connections:
Apples And Oranges: Swine Flu Versus SARS
Cumartesi, 02.05.2009, 09:04pm
History repeats itself, but not without wrinkles. We pick apart the connections:
The Growing Push for "Mad Pride"
Cumartesi, 02.05.2009, 08:05pm
Why some mentally ill patients are rejecting their medication and making the case for 'mad pride.'
The Growing Push for "Mad Pride"
Cumartesi, 02.05.2009, 08:05pm
Why some mentally ill patients are rejecting their medication and making the case for 'mad pride.'
  » Medical Records: We Need a National System
  » Medical Records: We Need a National System
  » Swine Flu: How the H1N1 Virus Got Its Start
  » Swine Flu: How the H1N1 Virus Got Its Start
  » Why I Froze My Eggs
  » Why I Froze My Eggs
  » Government Can't Solve Our Health Care Problems
  » A Public Health Plan Can Lower Costs, Foster Ideas
  » Government Can't Solve Our Health Care Problems
  » A Public Health Plan Can Lower Costs, Foster Ideas

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