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Cumartesi, 23.02.2019, 08:08am (GMT)
'E-Aile Hekimliği' uygulaması geliyor ; Başbakan: Devlet hastanesindeki uzman doktorların önü açılacak ; Aile hekimlerinin maaşı ne kadar? ; Aile hekimliği ile ilgili merak edilenler ; Doktorun çilesini bir de "babası"ndan dinleyin
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Newsweek Health News
My Turn: Living With Hepatitis C
Pazartesi, 11.01.2010, 01:51am
Years after my wild-child days, my past caught up with me in the form of a diagnosis of a chronic disease. I could have given up. Instead I chose to embrace the future.
How the CDC Misled Seniors About Swine Flu
Cumartesi, 09.01.2010, 12:18am
The CDC's vaccination advice for the over-65 set has been misleading.
How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions. Really.
Cuma, 08.01.2010, 06:16pm
How to break the cycle of failed New Year's vows.
Begley: Does the Internet Change How We Think?
Cuma, 08.01.2010, 04:01pm
Does the Web change how we think?
How the Media Distorted the Case of a Coma Patient
Cuma, 08.01.2010, 12:09am
How the media frenzy around a Belgian man misdiagnosed as being in a vegetative state came to haunt the doctor who treated him.
The Battle of the Antiviolence Gurus
Persembe, 07.01.2010, 12:34am
Two men. Two different approaches to violence prevention. And one small pool of funding dollars.
Will Obama Come to Regret Health-Care Reform?
Persembe, 31.12.2009, 10:42pm
And why he may come to regret it.
Vegetarians Who Eat Meat
Persembe, 31.12.2009, 07:05pm
Considered one of the chefs most responsible for the mainstreaming of vegetarianism in the 1970s and '80s, and a vegetarian herself for 30 years, Katzen began eating meat again a few years ago. "Somehow it got ascribed to me that I don't want people to eat meat," Katzen said. "I've just wanted to supply possibilities that were low on the food chain."
Year-End Wishes for Tiger and Other 2009 Stories
Carsamba, 30.12.2009, 08:06pm
My season's greetings to the biggest news—and newsmakers—of the past year.
Consumer Groups Want More Liquor Labeling
Carsamba, 30.12.2009, 02:15pm
In a label-crazy country, why are the ingredients in alcoholic beverages such a mystery?
Are Vitamin-Enhanced Alcohols a Heathier Choice?
Carsamba, 30.12.2009, 02:14pm
Some spirit makers boast natural ingredients and nutritional additives in an effort to attract a health-conscious clientele. But can alcohol really be healthy?
What Health-Care Reform Will Mean for You
Carsamba, 30.12.2009, 12:43am
Amid all the talk about filibusters, long-term affects, and 'bending cost curves' one thing has gotten obscured: how will you see your coverage change after health-care reform passes?
Northwest Flight 253:The Psychology of Heroism
Sali, 29.12.2009, 09:17pm
In the wake of a thwarted terrorist attack on a Northwest flight to Detroit, a renowned psychologist talks about what makes ordinary people do heroic things.
California Cuts Mammograms for Low-Income Women
Sali, 29.12.2009, 06:09pm
California cuts back cancer screening for low-income women.
Getting Naked Again: Book on Midlife Dating
Pazartesi, 28.12.2009, 10:44pm
Advice for women who pledge to start dating again in 2010.
Rise of the Preppers: America's New Survivalists
Pazartesi, 28.12.2009, 05:07pm
They call themselves 'preppers.' They are regular people with homes and families. But like the survivalists that came before them, they're preparing for the worst.
10 Survival Tips for Disaster Preparedness
Pazartesi, 28.12.2009, 04:52pm
A survival expert offers preparation tips for calamities—natural and manmade.
The Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2009. Enough Already
Persembe, 24.12.2009, 07:33pm
Tis the season ... for the media to go overboard with listicles.
Single and Loving It, Even During the Holidays
Carsamba, 23.12.2009, 07:05pm
A new study shows that married people aren't necessarily happier than their solo counterparts.
Health-Insurance Holdouts
Persembe, 17.12.2009, 10:19pm
Even with a health-care overhaul, thousands of Americans may pay a fine rather than purchase insurance. Here's why.
Genetic Lessons From a Prolific Sperm Donor
Carsamba, 16.12.2009, 07:36pm
One of the Midwest's most prolific sperm donors may hold the key to understanding how genes affect our health.
The Case for Having Your Genes Sequenced
Sali, 15.12.2009, 09:56pm
The case for having your genes sequenced.
Nine Holiday Survival Strategies
Sali, 15.12.2009, 04:52pm
And eight other holiday survival strategies.
Breast Cancer: A Big Problem Beyond U.S. Borders
Cumartesi, 12.12.2009, 06:22pm
She was a homecoming queen turned professional model. But after my sister, Suzy, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1977, people in our hometown of Peoria, Ill., crossed the street when they saw her coming. They thought she was contagious, unclean—a modern-day leper. Betty Ford and Shirley Temple had had much-publicized mastectomies a few years earlier, but a culture of fear and confusion still surrounded the disease. Families struggled to talk about it, and doctors struggled to treat it.
Tiger Woods and the Case Against Monogamy
Persembe, 10.12.2009, 07:14pm
Why is everyone so surprised about Tiger Woods? When it comes down to it, monogamy doesn't always work.
OSU Halts Primate Study Over Animal-Rights Issues
Persembe, 10.12.2009, 06:36pm
OSU has halted a baboon study, infuriating scientists. Are animal-rights extremists finally getting their way?
Could Dual Pools for Abortion Save Health Care?
Carsamba, 09.12.2009, 06:21pm
Could creating two insurance pools solve the health-care impasse?
Incurable Tuberculosis Is Making a Comeback
Carsamba, 09.12.2009, 01:06am
It's been nearly a decade since U2 frontman Bono turned the entire continent of Africa into a pet cause, drawing attention to the problems of -developing-world health like never before. By some accounts, that publicity has started to pay off: since 2000, malaria incidence is down 50 percent in some of the hardest-hit regions, and in the past five years, the number of people with access to life-saving HIV medications has increased 10-fold. But while First World philanthropists and rock-star do-gooders were out to conquer AIDS and malaria, they left a far more ancient killer to fester. Tuberculosis has been traced back as far as the Egyptian mummies. It still kills 5,000 people every day—more people than swine flu has killed in the past year. And right now, natural selection and human fallibility are conspiring to make the germ indestructible.
Tiger Woods's Wife, Elin: An Angry White Woman
Sali, 08.12.2009, 11:53pm
Elin Nordegren Woods and the myth of the angry black woman.
The Many Ways Kids Benefit from Vaccines
Sali, 08.12.2009, 03:02am
Vaccination does more than protect against flu. Study after study shows that keeping children safe from viruses has long-lasting, positive health benefits.
Will Healthcare Reform Bankrupt Us?
Pazartesi, 07.12.2009, 04:12pm
Medical spending threatens everything else.
Why Chemicals Called Obesogens May Make You Fat
Cuma, 11.09.2009, 03:56pm
Early exposure to common chemicalsmay be programming kids to be fat.
Will Employer Based Health Care Survive?
Cuma, 11.09.2009, 01:35pm
Employment-based health insurance is in big trouble, but don't blame Obama.
Neuroeconomics: Why It Pays to Be Nice
Persembe, 10.09.2009, 03:28pm
How emotions shape our economic decisions.
Opinion: We Must Fight Fat
Persembe, 10.09.2009, 01:13pm
Obesity should be fought on all fronts, not accepted.
Obesity is Genetic
Persembe, 10.09.2009, 01:11pm
It's not gluttony. It's genetics. Why our moralizing misses the point.
Free, Healthy School Lunches: Food for Thought
Carsamba, 09.09.2009, 08:06pm
Cash-strapped schools are struggling to provide free lunches. That's where companies like Whole Foods come in.
Students Who Really Care Do Better in School
Carsamba, 09.09.2009, 04:36pm
Students who truly care about learning do better than the Eddie Haskell types.
French Health Care: Giving Birth in Paris
Carsamba, 09.09.2009, 01:28pm
When our baby was born in Paris, we worried about his health, not the hospital bill.
9/11's Children Grow Up
Sali, 08.09.2009, 10:39pm
Children who watched the tragedy unfold are now on the brink of adulthood.
Even Babies Discriminate: A NurtureShock Excerpt.
Cumartesi, 05.09.2009, 03:21pm
Kids as young as 6 months judge others based on skin color. What's a parent to do?
Swine Flu: 11 Things You Need to Know
Cuma, 04.09.2009, 12:17pm
Why many people may need two shots, and other essential information.
Why Parents May Cause Gender Differences in Kids
Persembe, 03.09.2009, 03:29pm
Claims of sex differences fall apart.
Jaycee Dugard: Saved By Intuition
Sali, 01.09.2009, 05:51pm
How intuition worked to free Jaycee Dugard—and why it took so long for someone to speak up.
How To Get A Raise: Stop Being A "Good Girl"
Pazartesi, 31.08.2009, 11:24pm
We've come a long way, ladies. But here's why good girls still finish last.
The Top 5 Lies About Obama's Health Care Reform
Cumartesi, 29.08.2009, 04:06pm
To the credit of opponents of health-care reform, the lies and exaggerations they're spreading are not made up out of whole cloth—which makes the misinformation that much more credible. Instead, because opponents demand that everyone within earshot (or e-mail range) look, say, "at page 425 of the House bill!," the lies take on a patina of credibility. Take the claim in one chain e-mail that the government will have electronic access to everyone's bank account, implying that the Feds will rob you blind. The 1,017-page bill passed by the House Ways and Means Committee does call for electronic fund transfers—but from insurers to doctors and other providers. There is zero provision to include patients in any such system. Five other myths that won't die:
Clift: The Health-Care Debate Turns to Abortion
Cumartesi, 29.08.2009, 01:56pm
Opponents of health-care reform are gearing up to bring abortion back into the debate.
Fat and Healthy: Why It's Possible
Persembe, 27.08.2009, 02:07pm
Overselling the obesity epidemic isn't getting us anywhere. You can be big and healthy at the same time.
Why Lying Can Be Good for a Marriage
Carsamba, 26.08.2009, 01:09pm
Why a little deception can be good for a relationship.
America's Fat Hatred
Carsamba, 26.08.2009, 12:08pm
Anti-fat rhetoric is getting nastier than ever. Why our overweight nation hates overweight people.
  » Plan B's Complicated Legacy
  » Why We Believe Lies, Even When We Learn the Truth
  » Chronic Insomnia's Dangerous Side-Effects
  » Are Fat Friends Bad for Each Other?
  » Lonely Planet: Isolation Increases In US
  » Beyond “Death Panels”: The Right Way To Die
  » Neuroplasticity May Help Schizophrenics
  » Why Esquire's Abortion Story Got It Wrong
  » The Truth About Obama's Health Plan
  » Why LeRoy Carhart Won't Stop Doing Abortions

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