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Sali, 22.01.2019, 05:36am (GMT)
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ABC Health News
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 10:37pm
WATCH: Does Wine Help You Think?
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 10:11pm
Study finds people who drink wine in moderation have better cognitive function.Wine-Cognition-Alcoholic beverage-Health-Specific Substances
WATCH: Wisconsin Couple Die in Suicide Pact
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 09:47pm
Dr. Daniel and Katherine Gute planned their deaths for more than a decade.Suicide-Death-Health-Mental health-Disorders
Are They Mine? Confessions of a Sperm Donor
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 06:33pm
Films'The Switch'and'The Kids Are Alright'paint a pretty picture of the ugly, unregulated fertility industry and anonymous sperm donation.Crime-Organizations-Lady Gaga-New York City-United States
Teen Couch Potatoes Have More Migraines, Says Study
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 06:14pm
Adolescent couch potatoes have significantly more headaches compared with their healthier counterparts, and each unhealthy behavior has an additive effect on headache, according to a study form Norway. Excess weight, inactivity, and smoking independently increased the risk of recurrent headache. And as the number of unhealthy behaviors increased, so did headache diagnoses and frequency.Headache-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Neurological Disorders-Migraine
Lung Cancer Patients Benefit From Palliative Care, Study Finds
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 05:53pm
Patients with advanced lung cancer lived longer and with better quality of life when they received early palliative care as opposed to routine care, results of a randomized trial showed.Palliative care-Lung cancer-Health-Quality of life-Medicine
Should Cymbalta Be Used for Chronic Pain?
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 03:48pm
An FDA advisory committee will meet today to review whether the antidepressant Cymbalta should be used as a treatment for chronic pain, despite risks that include liver damage and skin disease. Drugmaker Eli Lilly is seeking an indication for use in treatment of chronic pain, including pain related to arthritis and chronic low back pain.Chronic pain-Food and Drug Administration-Eli Lilly and Company-Antidepressant-Health
Blood Test for Right Blood Pressure Meds
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 01:28pm
Tests for a blood-pressure regulating hormone called renin may help doctors decide which blood pressure drugs their patients should take, researchers said on Wednesday. They said a mismatch between drugs and patient characteristics may help explain why many people do not benefit from blood pressure drugs, and testing for renin levels may help.Blood pressure-Health-Hypertension-Renin-Medicine
World's Tallest Gets Radiation to Stop Growth
Persembe, 19.08.2010, 12:43pm
Sultan Kosen, considered by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the world's tallest living man, hasn't stopped growing. He's undergoing a radiation procedure today to try and shrink a tumor in an effort to halt his growth.Guinness World Record-Tumor-Sultan Kosen-Arts-Guinness Book of World Record
Birth Control Pills Effective for Obese Women
Carsamba, 18.08.2010, 07:49pm
As long as they use oral contraceptives consistently, obese women have the same risk of pregnancy as those of normal weight, researchers found. In a randomized, controlled trial, ovarian suppression was"substantial and comparable"among consistent users of birth control pills, regardless of their weight, according to Carolyn Westhoff, MD, of the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and colleagues.Birth control-Health-Pregnancy-Reproductive Health-Obesity
Teen Hearing Loss Soars; Experts Blame Music
Carsamba, 18.08.2010, 07:48pm
A new study found that hearing loss among teens is becoming more prevalent. Experts say iPods and other personal listening devices are to blame, and advise kids to turn the volume down.IPod-Hearing impairment-Hearing-Health-Conditions and Diseases
Common Colonoscopy Questions... Answered!
Carsamba, 18.08.2010, 01:03pm
It might not be the most pleasant topic for the dinner table, but it could allow you to have a lot more of those enjoyable evening conversations. Experts estimate that if everyone were screened for colon cancer, we could save about 20,000 lives a year.Cancer-Colorectal cancer-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Gastrointestinal
Weight Loss Surgery Takes Stomach Via Mouth
Carsamba, 18.08.2010, 11:15am
Surgeons at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center have removed 80 percent of a stomach through a patient's mouth. This new procedure, possibly the first of its kind ever performed, allows surgeons to skip the large incision in the abdomen usually made for bariatric surgery and instead make five small incisions and do the procedure laparoscopically.The excess stomach which is cut away is then removed through the mouth.Surgery-Health-Bariatrics-Medicine-Stomach
WATCH: 3 Tips for an Easygoing Colonoscopy
Sali, 17.08.2010, 06:43pm
Watch Dr. Besser's colonocscopy experience Wedesday on"Good Morning America."Good Morning America-Recreation-Shopping-Twitter-United States
Death by Nap: Boy Risks Death if He Nods Off
Sali, 17.08.2010, 05:10pm
Boy, 11, with rare disorder called Ondine's Curse is fine during the day, but must sleep with a life-support machine.Crime-New York City-We Will Rock You-Actor-United States
WATCH: Can Hot-Headedness Hurt Your Heart?
Sali, 17.08.2010, 01:27pm
A new study over multiple years in men and women finds that angry people are more like to develop carotid arteries.Health-Conditions and Diseases-Cardiovascular Disorders-Vascular Disorders-Carotid Artery Disease
WATCH: 1st Human Case of Tripe-E Found in Mass.
Pazartesi, 16.08.2010, 03:52pm
Officials say the New England man has been hospitalized in critical condition.Mass-New England-United States-New England Patriots-Travel and Tourism
WATCH: Allergy Shots May Benefit Asthmatics
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 11:08pm
Study finds allergy shots can be used in treating some cases of asthma.Asthma-Allergy-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Allergies
WATCH: Protect Your Kids from Skin Cancer
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 11:08pm
Melanoma survivor Shonda Schilling wants to educate kids about the sun.Skin cancer-Melanoma-Cancer-Conditions and Diseases-Health
WATCH: Could Stress Prevent You From Conceiving?
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 11:08pm
Study finds that anxiety may reduce a woman's chance of conceiving a child.Anxiety-Pregnancy-Health-Stress-Mental Health
WATCH: The Dangers of Obesity
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 11:08pm
A study found that people with large waistlines had double the risk of death.Obesity-Health-Death-Conditions and Diseases-Nutrition and Metabolism Disorders
WATCH: Keeping the Weight Off
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 11:07pm
A new plan that can help you make your slim-down permanent.Weight loss-Health-Shopping-Supplements-Programs
WATCH: Potential Alzheimer's Breakthrough
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 11:07pm
A new spinal-fluid test may identify early signs of Alzheimer's in patients.Cerebrospinal fluid-Alzheimer-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Neurological Disorders
WATCH: In-Vitro Babies
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 11:07pm
Why some experts are saying there might be a link to cancer.Cancer-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Organizations-United States
WATCH: Say Cheese! Healthy Options
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 08:53pm
How to indulge in your favorite cheese platters without ruining your waistline.Food-Home-Cooking-Shopping-Recreation
CDC Lists Worst Foodborne Bugs
Pazar, 15.08.2010, 01:00pm
Norovirus and salmonella lead the pack in food-related outbreaks.Norovirus-Health-Conditions and Diseases-United States-Foodborne illness
Nursing Shortage: Too Many Unfilled Jobs
Cumartesi, 14.08.2010, 12:31pm
Despite a U.S. unemployment rate approaching 10 percent, recruitment firms have such an extraordinary demand for nurses that they can't fill all of the vacancies.Nursing shortage-United States-Nursing-Health-New York
WATCH: Beauty Dos and Don'ts
Cumartesi, 14.08.2010, 01:37am
Simple tips everyone should incorporate into their beauty regimen.Health-Beauty-Advice-Cosmetics-Shopping
Cheaper Blood Pressure Drugs: Good as New?
Cuma, 13.08.2010, 11:47pm
Despite their fancy names and hefty price tags, brand-name drugs are no better than generics at lowering blood pressure and reducing heart attack and stroke risk.Stroke-Blood pressure-Health-Myocardial infarction-Conditions and Diseases
E-Cigarettes: Smoker's Savior or Public Risk?
Cuma, 13.08.2010, 06:02pm
Electronic cigarettes: they look like a cigarette, taste like a cigarette, give you a nicotine buzz like a cigarette, but there's no smoke, allegedly almost no carcinogens or second-hand smoke, and within a few weeks your lungs feel as good as before you started smoking. Too good to be true? The Food and Drug Administration says yes, but the thousands of people who are now smoke-free, though certainly not nicotine-free, with the aid of these devices would argue otherwise.Cigarette-Electronic cigarette-Nicotine-Health-Food and Drug Administration
Cuma, 13.08.2010, 06:02pm
How Young Is Too Young for Botox?
Cuma, 13.08.2010, 02:53pm
Teenage girls are turning to Botox injections in growing numbers, even though doctors say there is little benefit. Teens in the U.S. ages 13 to 19 had nearly 12,000 Botox injections last year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and some of them got multiple doses. It's a 2 percent increase over 2008.Botulinum toxin-United States-Plastic surgery-Surgery-Health
WATCH: Teen Trend: Young Girls Getting Botox
Cuma, 13.08.2010, 02:50pm
Report says 12,000 Botox treatments were given to teens last year.Youth-People-Generations and Age Groups-Health-Support Groups
'Sleeping Beauties'Sleep For Weeks at a Time
Cuma, 13.08.2010, 02:44pm
Real-life"Sleeping Beauties"suffer from rare disorder that causes them to sleep for sometimes 20 hours a day for as long as two weeks straight. The following pages feature some of the more unusual medical conditions that have received recent media attention.Health-Conditions and Diseases-Down Syndrome-Genetic Disorders-Organizations
PHOTOS: Say Cheese! Crazy Mozzarella Melt
Cuma, 13.08.2010, 11:32am
Outrageous Fast Food: Fried Mozzarella Stick MeltMozzarella sticks-Food-Cheese-Recreation-Shopping
WATCH: Boston Med Finale
Persembe, 12.08.2010, 11:28pm
An inside look at the country's second face transplant.Surgery-United States-Health-Liver-Transplant
'Boston Med': Getting a New Face
Persembe, 12.08.2010, 09:59pm
After falling off a subway platform and having his face burned away, Jim Maki would get an astonishing second chance. He would receive another man's features thanks to a groundbreaking face transplant surgery and one woman's generosity to honor her dead husband.Face transplant-Boston-Surgery-Facepainting-Bodypainting
PHOTOS: World's Largest Man Breasts?
Persembe, 12.08.2010, 08:29pm
A Chinese man struggling with gynecomastia gets help through surgery.Gynecomastia-Surgery-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Men's Health
WATCH: Brain Scans Offer Hope for Autism
Persembe, 12.08.2010, 07:44pm
Researchers: Brain scan detects adult autism with 90 percent accuracy.Autism-Autism spectrum-Mental health-Health-Disorders
WATCH: Denny's Sandwiches Mozzarella Sticks
Persembe, 12.08.2010, 04:12pm
Denny's Fried Cheese Melt comes with a side of marinara sauce.Mozzarella sticks-Marinara sauce-Home-Cooking-Cheese
Viagra Wars: Teachers Fight For Sex Drug
Persembe, 12.08.2010, 03:42pm
Should Viagra be covered by the medical insurance plan for Milwaukee teachers? The Milwaukee school district, in a budget squeeze, said many male teachers were using erectile dysfunction drugs such as Levitra, Cialis and Viagra recreationally instead of because they had real problems. The teachers union is fighting back, saying it affects some men's mental health.Sildenafil-Health insurance-Erectile dysfunction-Health-Tadalafil
Could New'Superbug Gene'Spread?
Persembe, 12.08.2010, 01:03pm
A so-called superbug gene has so far been identified in 37 people who returned to the U.K. after undergoing surgery in India or Pakistan, according to researchers. British researchers reported that the new gene, called NDM-1, that can be easily transferred into common bacteria such as E. Coli, according to the article. The gene alters bacteria, making them resistant to nearly all known antibioticsAntibiotic resistance-Gene-Bacteria-Antibiotic-Health
Cancer Fraudsters: Desperate or Psychopathic?
Persembe, 12.08.2010, 11:44am
Some say they're cancer patients, desperately seeking help, but turn out not to be sick at all. These scammers now stand accused of lying about illnesses to con people out of money.Health-Cancer-Conditions and Diseases-Organizations-Fraud
A New Way to Predict Autism?
Carsamba, 11.08.2010, 10:14pm
Certain developmental characteristics seen as early as 1 month of age in infants who need care in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) may help predict a later diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), researchers found.Autism spectrum-Autism-Mental health-Health-Disorders
Carsamba, 11.08.2010, 10:14pm
WATCH: Man Loses Job Over Medical Marijuana
Carsamba, 11.08.2010, 08:42pm
Clarus Technologies cites its drug use policy in the firing of John Moore.Medical cannabis-Drugs-Health-Illegal-John Moore
PHOTOS: X-Rays: Pea Plant Grows in Man's Throat
Carsamba, 11.08.2010, 01:49pm
First thought to be a tumor, a suspicious growth surprises doctors.Relationships-Personals-Dating-Male-Crime
PHOTOS: Celebs With Sleep Troubles
Carsamba, 11.08.2010, 01:25pm
Even stars are not immune from sleep problems.sleep disorder-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Research-Organizations
WATCH: Can Your Pet Give You Salmonella?
Sali, 10.08.2010, 10:36pm
A new study links dog food to a salmonella outbreak.Dog food-Salmonella-Health-Infectious disease-Salmonellosis
WATCH: Is Drugging Kids Child Abuse?
Sali, 10.08.2010, 10:14pm
Giving children unnecessary medications can be dangerous.Child-Child abuse-Children Youth and Family-Prevention-Local Resources
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