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ABC Health News
PHOTOS: Celebs Lead Gap-Toothed Trend
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 03:46pm
While not the picture of classic beauty, the gap-toothed look succeeds for some.Education-Shopping-Gap Years-Dentistry-Arts
WATCH: Will Food Recall Notices Keep You Safe?
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 03:21pm
The new bill would require grocery stores to post notices on shelves.Grocery store-California-United States-Business-Food and Related Products
WATCH: Baby Carrots…Like Junk Food?
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 03:18pm
New campaign tries to get consumers to see the veggie as a hip food.Baby carrot-Carrot-Food-Home-Cooking
The Trials of Living With Tourette Syndrome
Pazartesi, 13.09.2010, 11:54am
Doctors and therapists hope to bring relief to those with the odd condition.Tourette syndrome-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Neurological Disorders-Organizations
Chest Compressions Alone Can Save Lives
Pazar, 12.09.2010, 12:11pm
Chest compressions are just as good as electrical defibrillation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, researchers say.Cardiopulmonary resuscitation-Medicine-Health-United States-Cardiac arrest
WATCH: Core Fusion Yoga
Pazar, 12.09.2010, 12:49am
Get in shape with a body sculpting workout.Yoga-Religion and Spirituality-Teachers and Centers-Canada-Shopping
WATCH: Compressions Help Survival Rate After Heart Attack
Cumartesi, 11.09.2010, 10:34am
Chest compressions before defibrillation raise survival rate after heart attack.Defibrillation-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Cardiovascular Disorders-Heart disease
WATCH: Large Doses of B Vitamins Slow Dementia
Cumartesi, 11.09.2010, 05:06am
Large doses of B vitamins seem to slow progression of dementia in older adults.Dementia-Health-Old age-Neurological Disorders-Conditions and Diseases
WATCH: Mammogram Patients Deceived
Cumartesi, 11.09.2010, 05:05am
A former Georgia hospital worker is accused of submitting false mammogram results for hundreds of women.Hospital-Georgia-Medicine-United States-Health
WATCH: Drink This, Not That
Cumartesi, 11.09.2010, 05:05am
Healthier versions of your favorite drinks.Beverages-Home-Cooking-Cocktail-Collections and Indexes
WATCH: High-Fat Diet During Puberty
Cumartesi, 11.09.2010, 05:05am
Certain fats may increase your chances of developing breast cancer later in lifeBreast cancer-Cancer-Health-Breast-Conditions and Diseases
WATCH: Eric Stonestreet Is'Standing Up to Cancer'
Cumartesi, 11.09.2010, 05:05am
'Modern Family'star Eric Stonestreet talks about a fundraiser that will support cancer research.Modern Family-Eric Stonestreet-Jesse Tyler Ferguson-Emmy Award-Gay
WATCH: Treating Morning Sickness
Cumartesi, 11.09.2010, 05:05am
What causes your stomach to turn and what treatments are available for relief.Health-Morning sickness-Pregnancy and Birth-Shopping-Reproduction and Sexuality
WATCH: Top Medical Websites
Cumartesi, 11.09.2010, 05:04am
Where you should click for quick medical advice.Twitter-Website-Professional-Newsletter-Health care
WATCH: Do Morning Sickness Remedies Work?
Cumartesi, 11.09.2010, 05:04am
Though many are on the market, a study found none very effective.Morning sickness-Health-Shopping-Pregnancy and Birth-Reproduction and Sexuality
Cancer Genomics: Targeting Treatment to the Patient
Cuma, 10.09.2010, 10:23pm
Cancer genomics is a quest to understand what is wrong in that patient's genes and target treatment there. The patient's own genes are used to personalize treatment.Cancer-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Biology-Gene
Flu Vaccine May Become Mandatory for Healthcare Workers
Cuma, 10.09.2010, 09:47pm
All healthcare personnel should be required to get vaccinated against influenza, according to a new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics.Influenza-American Academy of Pediatrics-Vaccination-Health-Infectious disease
Fixing on Patterns: A Sign of Autism?
Cuma, 10.09.2010, 09:40pm
A toddler's fixation on geometric patterns may be an early warning sign of autism, researchers say.Autism spectrum-Mental health-Health-Disorders-Neurodevelopmental
Botox for Migraines? Surprising Remedies
Cuma, 10.09.2010, 08:42pm
There aren't many FDA-approved treatments to help with the severe symptoms of migraines, so doctors often resort to off-label approaches, such as common painkillers and Botox.Headache-Off-label use-Migraine-Health-Conditions and Diseases
Patrick Swayze's Wife Still Texts Him
Cuma, 10.09.2010, 08:15pm
Grief over losing a spouse is permanent and has no time frame, say experts. Patrick Swayze's widow, Lisa Niemi, admits to sending him text messages, even though she knew he would never reply, and such behavior is normal, say experts.Patrick Swayze-Lisa Niemi-Text messaging-History-Social Sciences
PHOTOS: X-Rays: Pup Swallows 105 Pennies
Cuma, 10.09.2010, 07:55pm
When Jeff Keelan and his wife of Paw Paw, Mich., heard strange noises coming from their new mastiff, Isis, they rushed her to the veterinary clinic. There, an abdominal X-ray showed 105 pennies that the dog had swallowed were buried deep in her bowels.doll-Shopping-Crafts-Toys and Games-Human
WATCH: Repairing Sun Damaged Skin
Cuma, 10.09.2010, 04:22pm
Tips from beauty expert Maggie Gallant.Beauty-Health-Shopping-Skin Care-Advice
Stem Cell Research Back On -- for Now
Cuma, 10.09.2010, 10:31am
An appeals court has lifted a judge's injunction that blocked federally funded research involving embryonic stem cells until the full case can be heard.Stem cell-Biotechnology-Biology-Appellate court-Stem Cell Research
WATCH: Applegate: Cancer Survivor to Mom
Persembe, 09.09.2010, 03:15pm
Christina Applegate talks about her fight to help cure breast cancer.Christina Applegate-Breast cancer-Cancer-Health-Conditions and Diseases
WATCH: Drug-Free, Overactive Bladder Control
Persembe, 09.09.2010, 03:08pm
Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation uses electricity to control the bladder.Health-Conditions and Diseases-Genitourinary Disorders-Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation-Bladder
WATCH: Whopping Cough Becomes Epidemic in Calif.
Carsamba, 08.09.2010, 03:55pm
Eight infants have died from whooping cough in California this year.Health-Conditions and Diseases-Respiratory Disorders-California-Whooping Cough
WATCH: Labor Day Portion Control Tips
Pazar, 05.09.2010, 05:06pm
The Nutrition Twins guide on staying slim during the holidays.Labor Day-Holidays-Home-Health-Arts
WATCH: This Week In Health: Michael Douglas'Cancer
Pazar, 05.09.2010, 05:06pm
A closer look at this and other health stories making headlines.Cancer-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Michael Douglas-Organizations
WATCH: The Debate Over Chronic Lyme Disease
Pazar, 05.09.2010, 05:05pm
Not all doctors agree that chronic Lyme disease is a real illness.Lyme disease-Infectious disease-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Spirochetal
WATCH: Science of Sport
Pazar, 05.09.2010, 05:04pm
A new series takes you inside the lab to look at the rigors of running.Sport-Drama-Educational Resources-Education-Training
More Americans Taking Prescription Drugs
Pazar, 05.09.2010, 01:39pm
Nearly half of all Americans may now be on a prescription, research suggests.Health-Pharmacy-Drugs-Prescription drug-United States
'Miracle'Encounter: Nurse Finds Long-Lost Dad in Hospital Bed
Cumartesi, 04.09.2010, 12:58am
A nurse was reunited with the father she had never met after a chance bedside encounter at a New York hospital for the terminally ill.Hospital-Nurse-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Organizations
Cumartesi, 04.09.2010, 12:58am
WATCH: Get Your Cholesterol Under Control
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 10:04pm
Tips on how to decrease your risk of heart disease.Heart disease-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Cardiovascular Disorders-Nutrition and Metabolism Disorders
Garden of Death: Man Survives Freak Infection
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 06:11pm
Researchers have published a case report involving a 67-year-old man admitted to a hospital in March after spending eight days suffering from fever, shortness of breath and confusion. Doctors diagnosed pneumonia, but were at a loss to find the underlying cause, according to the report this week in The Lancet.Pneumonia-Infectious disease-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Bacterial
Michael Douglas'Life as a Cancer Patient
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 05:27pm
Cancer patient survives 31 grueling days in radiation treatment similar to what"Wall Street"actor has already begun.Cancer-Health-Head and neck cancer-Conditions and Diseases-Organizations
Discovery Gunman a Paranoid Schizophrenic?
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 03:16pm
Discovery Channel gunman James Lee's actions and the contents of the manifesto he is believed to have written lead mental health experts to believe he possibly lived with paranoid schizophrenia.Schizophrenia-Mental health-Health-Disorders-Paranoia
Mom Gives Seizures a Piece of Her Mind
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 02:03pm
Surgery to Remove Piece of Brain Is Hoped to Cure Single Mother's Epileptic SeizuresEpilepsy-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Neurological Disorders-Epileptic seizure
Woman Badly Burned in Acid Attack Still'Happy'
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 01:39pm
Washington woman Bethany Storro, 28, was the victim of a seemingly random acid attack in which a stranger threw acid on her once striking face.Washington-Vancouver-Portland Oregon-Bethany Storro-Hospital
Dr. Besser's Notebook: Confronting Disaster in Pakistan
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 01:12pm
We set off from Karachi this morning in search of the floods. Unlike an Earthquake which may happen all at once, a flood has a forward edge which moves more slowly bringing devastation as it travels. The floods in Pakistan have traveled the length of the country over the past month. In many areas the waters are receding, in others the water is still high.Pakistan-Flood-Karachi-Water-Earth Sciences
'Boobies'Bracelets Too Sexually Suggestive?
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 12:42pm
A 1-inch thick rubber bracelet has caused quite a stir in schools across the country, despite the positive message its wearers believe it sends.Cancer-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Support Groups-Organizations
Osteoporosis Drugs May Up Esophageal Cancer Risk
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 11:23am
A second look at British registry data indicates that esophageal cancer may be more common after all in patients taking oral bisphosphonate drugs, a type of drug used to treat osteoporosis, for long periods.Health-Esophageal cancer-Osteoporosis-Cancer-Conditions and Diseases
WATCH: Smoking Baby Kicks the Habit
Cuma, 03.09.2010, 11:22am
The Indonesian 2-year-old entered rehab to beat his cigarette addiction.Cigarette-Health-Tobacco-Substance Abuse-Addictions
WATCH: Fall Into Fitness
Persembe, 02.09.2010, 10:57pm
Celebrity personal trainer Kacy Duke's guide to staying fit.Personal trainer-Fitness-Health-United States-Personal Training
WATCH: Embarrassing Questions
Persembe, 02.09.2010, 09:45pm
Find out what questions you should be asking your gynecologist.Arts-Programs-Recreation-Religion and Spirituality-Medicine
Female Athletes: Too Fit to Get Pregnant
Persembe, 02.09.2010, 07:58pm
About 12 percent of all infertility cases are women in sports; long-distance runners and ballet dancers are the most vulnerable.Infertility-Sport-Health-Reproductive Health-Pregnancy
Kids'Sports-Related Concussions Soar
Persembe, 02.09.2010, 07:33pm
Emergency department visits for concussions occurring in children's and teens'team sports have risen sharply since the late 1990s, researchers say.Sport-People-Training-Youth and High School-Family
WATCH: First-Ever Medical Marijuana Ad Airs
Persembe, 02.09.2010, 06:53pm
Canna Care says its goal is to teach people about their medical options.Health-Drugs-Illegal-Pro-Legalization-Marijuana
Allergan Pleads Guilty, Settles Botox Probe
Persembe, 02.09.2010, 03:21pm
Pharmaceutical manufacturer Allergan pleads guilty for its off-label promotion of Botox and will pay $600 million to settle a longstanding federal investigation into whether the company's marketing of the drug's use misled physicians.Allergan-Off-label use-Business-United States-Marketing
WATCH: One Teen's Struggle With Bacterial Meningitis
Persembe, 02.09.2010, 02:06pm
Carl Buher lost both feet and three fingers after contracting bacterial meningitis as a teen.Meningitis-Health-Conditions and Diseases-Neurological Disorders-Arts
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