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ABC Health News
Watch: Presidential Medical Care
Cumartesi, 04.12.2010, 03:59am
How the White House keeps the commander in chief healthy.
Watch: Holiday Diet Tips
Cumartesi, 04.12.2010, 03:51am
Eight ways to keep calories in check over the holidays.
Watch: Weighing This Winter's Drinks
Cuma, 03.12.2010, 07:22pm
How many inches can yuletide beverages add to your waistline?
Watch: Winter Fruits and Vegetables
Persembe, 02.12.2010, 11:29pm
Seasonal fruits and veggies to try during the winter months.
Watch: Lose Weight Over the Holidays
Persembe, 02.12.2010, 11:19pm
Fight off those extra pounds with trainer Joel Harper.
Watch: AIDS Epidemic in America
Persembe, 02.12.2010, 12:24am
"The Other City"examines the growing AIDS problem in Washington, D.C.
Watch: Shining a Light on HIV/AIDS
Persembe, 02.12.2010, 12:24am
Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph works to break the silence and stigma of AIDS.
Watch: Hip Implant Recall Amid Health Worries
Carsamba, 01.12.2010, 11:33pm
DePuy hip recalled; patients report severe pain, doctors fear metal shavings.
Watch: Must-Have Fitness Tools
Pazar, 21.11.2010, 03:43pm
Get tool smart with these home gym workout essentials.
Watch: Detecting Heart Failure
Pazar, 21.11.2010, 03:28pm
A study found a certain bio-marker to be associated with heart failure.
Pazar, 21.11.2010, 03:28pm
Watch: Chronic Pot Users at Higher Risk for Brain Issues
Cumartesi, 20.11.2010, 09:57pm
Long-term users of marijuana fared much worse on cognitive tests than non-users.
Couple Carries Doomed Baby to Term: Why?
Cumartesi, 20.11.2010, 07:12pm
Skylar Brooks lived her entire life in 99 minutes. Born with anencephaly, a disorder that causes a baby to lack most of the brain, her parents made the agonizing choice to carry her to term and donate liver cells rather than abort the baby.
Would You Want a Recycled ICD?
Cumartesi, 20.11.2010, 02:21pm
The devices, which"jump start"erratic hearts, can be re-used, the AHA says.
Watch: This Week In Health: FDA's Warning to Four Loko
Cumartesi, 20.11.2010, 12:12am
A look at the biggest and buzziest medical stories.
Watch: Holiday Baking Tips
Cumartesi, 20.11.2010, 12:12am
Tools and ingredients that could be harmful.
Watch: Benefits of Green Tea
Cumartesi, 20.11.2010, 12:12am
How these green tea varieties could promote good health.
Cumartesi, 20.11.2010, 12:12am
Painkillers Darvon, Darvocet Off U.S. Market
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 11:37pm
Two narcotics used for mild to moderate pain have been pulled from the U.S. market because of cardiac side effects.
Watch: Best Way to Screen for Breast Cancer?
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 10:40pm
Study compares mammography, MRI screening for women at risk for breast cancer.
ABC Reporter Almost Loses Prostate: How?
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 06:46pm
A prostate cancer misdiagnosis serves as a reminder to explore every avenue before surgery, including a third opinion.
Watch: Religion Blamed for Whooping Cough Spread
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 05:18pm
Health officials say parents not getting immunizations for religious reasons.
Outbreak Feared in Federal Research Facility
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 05:12pm
A report by the National Academy of Sciences questions the safety of a planned federal biocontainment laboratory in Kansas, where researchers will handle highly contagious viral diseases, such as hoof and mouth.
Facebook Heartbreak Brings Asthma Attacks
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 03:55pm
Stress of being un-friended by ex-girlfriend and seeing her picture on Facebook triggers asthma attacks.
Allergic Teen Sues School to Ban Perfume
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 03:03pm
J.Z. Zandi is so allergic to body sprays that he has had life-threatening allergic reactions at school when they are sprayed near him. When the school failed to ban the spraying of these scents, his mother Janice Zandi took the school district to court for a violation of the
Yes, Lou Gehrig Had Lou Gehrig's Disease
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 01:31pm
After media misstep, neurologist speaks out to save face of ALS.
Pregnant Moms Primping for Childbirth Pics
Cuma, 19.11.2010, 12:47pm
Doctors and expectant mothers report they are buying wardrobes, getting manicures and hair done for delivery day photos. They no longer send cards to announce a new baby; they post delivery room pictures on YouTube and Facebook.
Texas Hazes Animal House Frats
Persembe, 18.11.2010, 09:27pm
After the deaths of two students in fraternity hazings, University of Texas adminstrators have taken a new approach: Work with the students to educate and prevent such tragedies.
Arizona Medicaid Cuts Transplants
Persembe, 18.11.2010, 08:37pm
Arizona's Medicaid cutbacks eliminate seven types of organ transplants for recipients who cannot pay.
Watch: Needleless Face-Lift
Persembe, 18.11.2010, 05:18pm
Nonsurgical ultherapy face-lift promises a youthful look without the knife.
Girl Beats Deadly, Medicine-Resistant Fungus
Persembe, 18.11.2010, 03:21pm
Infections are common in many leukemia patients because chemotherapy weakens the immune system. But Sierra King of Kansas City, Mo., contracted a rare form of fungus called fusarium that was resistant to all forms of medications normally used to treat the infection.
The Diana Effect: Stress for Middleton
Persembe, 18.11.2010, 02:32pm
Kate Middleton will have some big shoes to fill as the next people's princess. How will she handle the stress? From what the couple say, it seems that Will and Kate are ready to face the challenge of being wed in the spotlight.
Watch: Avoiding Surgical Mistakes
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 11:27pm
How patients can help keep their doctors from making mistakes.
Watch: Soda Sugar Shock
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 11:27pm
The amount of sugar that?s really in your favorite beverages.
FDA Issues Warning to Four Loko Makers
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 10:46pm
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters to four companies Wednesday for adding caffeine to their malt alcoholic beverages, according to an agency press release. The letters identified this caffeine as an"unsafe food additive"and said that further action -- including seizure of the caffeine-containing products -- is possible under federal law.
Watch: Mixing MRI and Mammograms Saves Lives
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 04:58pm
Researchers say MRIs are very sensitive and could give false positives.
Watch: Teen Texting Linked to Risky Behavior?
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 12:39am
Study finds excessive texting could be linked to sex, drinking and drugs.
Watch: Exercise May Be a Deterrent for Uterine Cancer
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 12:35am
A study found that physical activity is a big part of preventing the cancer.
Watch: Dangerous Drug Combinations
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 12:34am
Why mixing common medications could harm your health.
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 12:34am
Watch: When to Take Your Child to the Doctor?
Carsamba, 17.11.2010, 12:33am
Doctors say the best advice is to follow your instincts.
Watch: Obese Model Pitches'Heart Attack Grill'
Pazartesi, 15.11.2010, 08:30pm
Arizona restaurant serves fries deep-fried in lard and'Quadruple Bypass Burger.'
Watch: Are Parents Falling Short on Teens'Health?
Cumartesi, 13.11.2010, 02:13am
Study finds a third of adolescents miss preventative care appointments.
Watch: Mucinex Thefts on the Rise
Cuma, 12.11.2010, 05:53pm
In large quantities, the ingredient DXM can cause people to get high.
Watch: Raising Diabetes Awareness With a Song
Cuma, 12.11.2010, 01:29am
Country music star George Canyon sings to raise awareness about diabetes.
Watch:'World News'Report Helps Son Save Father's Life
Cumartesi, 30.10.2010, 11:56pm
Diane Sawyer talks to Dr. Richard Besser about CPR and family's story.
Watch: Disturbing Diabetes Forecast
Cumartesi, 30.10.2010, 10:10am
Dr. Richard Besser breaks down the CDC projection that 1 in 3 people will have diabetes by 2050.
LATEST NEWS: Haiti's Cholera Crisis
Pazartesi, 25.10.2010, 01:25pm
Medical teams desperately try to prevent an outbreak from spreading.
Watch: Alzheimer's Advances: Promising But Slow
Cuma, 22.10.2010, 02:05pm
Scientists are working with a gene therapy to help grow essential proteins.
Watch: Hormone Replacement Hazard
Carsamba, 20.10.2010, 12:29pm
Dr. Richard Besser talks about a new study which shows Hormone Replacement Therapy can raise the risk of death from breast cancer.
  » WATCH: Is the Shingles Virus Contagious?
  » WATCH: Is PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer Necessary?
  » WATCH: A'Promise'to Find a Cure for Cancer
  » WATCH: Hand-Washing Gender Gap
  » Medical Conflicts of Interest: Not Always Obvious
  » Superbugs, No Drugs: Nightmare Illness in US
  » Basketball Head Injuries Rise in Teens
  » Advertisement:
  » U.S. Aid Workers Make Bail in Zimbabwe
  » Sperm Donor Stalks Lesbian Mother

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