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ABC Health News
Watch: Triple Crown Announcer Succumbs to Anxiety
Persembe, 28.04.2011, 04:52pm
Tom Durkin opted not to renew his contract due to stress of calling major races.
Watchdog Calls for Latex Glove Ban
Persembe, 28.04.2011, 04:47pm
To protect health care workers and patients alike, the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen has petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ban latex and powdered medical gloves.
Persembe, 28.04.2011, 04:47pm
Fat vs. Muscle: Which Will Win?
Persembe, 28.04.2011, 02:56pm
Fat and Muscle are at war -- make sure the good guy wins.
How to Protect Skin, Hair From Sun
Persembe, 28.04.2011, 02:55pm
Now's the time to do a beauty 180 for the 94 sunny, steamy days ahead. Use these hair and makeup ideas to stay both pretty and protected.
What's Your Health IQ?
Persembe, 28.04.2011, 12:57pm
Nearly half of American adults, including doctors themselves, have poor health literacy, according to a report by the Institute of Medicine. Many struggle to understand instructions on prescription drug bottles, doctors'notes, health insurance forms, and educational brochures.
Grandma's Stash: Dangers of Leftover Meds
Carsamba, 27.04.2011, 10:30pm
Bulging medicine cabinets are the"other side"of the problem of over-medicated Americans, according to a NEJM article published Wednesday. In 2010, a"National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day"was held by more than 4000 police departments across the nation and in Orange County, FL alone more than 1.5 tons of prescriptions medications were returned.
Watch: Does Meat Fit Into a Healthy Diet?
Carsamba, 27.04.2011, 10:04pm
Take a carnivore quiz to debunk common myths around meat consumption.
Watch: Surviving Flesh Eating Bacteria
Carsamba, 27.04.2011, 10:03pm
The key to surviving is an aggressive treatment from experienced doctors.
Watch: Circumcision Ban: San Francisco Man Pushes Cause
Carsamba, 27.04.2011, 09:13pm
Lloyd Schofield is on a mission to ban circumcisions from his community.
Labor Wards Looking at Laughing Gas
Carsamba, 27.04.2011, 07:58pm
UCSF is one of only three centers in the country that offer nitrous oxide during labor and delivery. But that may be changing with a grassroots movement driven by nurse midwives to give women an intermediate option short of an epidural.
Watch: Big Mac Diet for Mom With Allergies
Carsamba, 27.04.2011, 05:28pm
Woman with severe food allergies ate only Big Macs during her pregnancy.
Watch: Indiana Man Gets Full-Face Transplant
Carsamba, 27.04.2011, 11:05am
Mitch Hunter, 30, was left disfigured by a 2001 power line accident.
Watch: Fighting Meningitis
Sali, 26.04.2011, 10:07pm
Life saving tips that could help protect your children.
Watch: Infertility Awareness
Sali, 26.04.2011, 10:04pm
Valuable tips to help educate the public.
Watch: Boy With Cerebral Palsy Denied Communion
Sali, 26.04.2011, 09:53pm
Texas pastor says boy's mental capacity disqualifies him from the sacrament.
Watch: Youngest Surviving Premature Baby
Sali, 26.04.2011, 09:03pm
Miracle baby lives after being born at 21 weeks.
Watch: Vatican Investigates Boy's Claim of Miracle
Sali, 26.04.2011, 03:52pm
Jake Finkbonner says prayer saved him from flesh-eating bacteria.
Watch:'Journey Beads'for Young Cancer Patients
Pazartesi, 25.04.2011, 04:13pm
A child marks each treatment in her battle against cancer.
Watch: World Malaria Day's Donors From All Walks of Life
Pazartesi, 25.04.2011, 03:14pm
Artist on how his photos show the diversity of donors in fight against malaria.
Cuma, 22.04.2011, 09:09pm
Get a grip on your allergies with expert advice.
Cuma, 22.04.2011, 09:09pm
Get a grip on your allergies with expert advice.
Watch: Paralyzed Woman Gives Birth to Son
Persembe, 21.04.2011, 04:29pm
Krystal Pierre gives birth after surviving a car crash and multiple strokes.
Watch: Crackdown on Sites Making Deceptive Claims
Carsamba, 20.04.2011, 07:24pm
Federal Trade Commission targets websites made to look like news reports.
Photos: X-Rays: Man Nearly Saws Off Hand
Carsamba, 23.03.2011, 08:45pm
Harry Wones, 33, of the U.K. had his left hand almost completely cut off after a split-second lapse of concentration caused the horrific accident. The father of one was working with a circular saw when he was momentarily distracted -- and nearly had his hand amputated as a result.doll-Shopping-Crafts-Toys and Games-Human
Dr. Besser's Notebook: Pneumonia in Africa
Pazartesi, 21.03.2011, 12:18pm
Dr. Richard Besser went to Kenya to shoot a story about pneumonia. It accounts for more childhood deaths around the world than any other infection. He says he couldn't do a series on global health without talking about pneumonia.
Women's Health
Cuma, 04.02.2011, 06:04pm
Get expert answers to your questions on pregnancy, osteoporosis and more.
Women's Health
Cuma, 04.02.2011, 06:04pm
Get expert answers to your questions on pregnancy, osteoporosis and more.
Pazartesi, 24.01.2011, 07:33pm
Top experts answer your questions about arthritis.
Pazartesi, 24.01.2011, 07:33pm
Top experts answer your questions about arthritis.
See Dr. Besser's Latest Reports
Pazartesi, 13.12.2010, 07:26pm
Dr. Richard Besser shares his health and medical knowledge.
See Dr. Besser's Latest Reports
Pazartesi, 13.12.2010, 07:26pm
Dr. Richard Besser shares his health and medical knowledge.
Watch: Pelvic Exams Not Required for Birth Control
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 11:31am
But the belief that they are keeps many women from using birth control.
Watch: Daily Antiretroviral Use Cuts AIDS Risk
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 11:31am
Study finds that a new way to use medication lowers transmission risk.
Watch: Elizabeth Edwards'Final Days
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 11:31am
Edwards'six-year battle with cancer ended sooner than expected.
Watch: Aspirin Lowers Death Risk in Several Cancer Types
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 11:31am
Deaths dropped by as much as 20-percent in patients taking one aspirin a day.
Watch: Birth To Reality
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 11:31am
How to care for your newborn babies.
Watch: Cook and Freeze
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 11:31am
Healthy and delicious dishes that last in the freezer.
Watch: Is Meningitis-A Vaccine Africa's Game Changer?
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 11:31am
Dr. Richard Besser on how the new low-cost vaccine could save millions of lives.
Watch: Healing Worms and Dosage Dangers
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 11:31am
The top health stories of the past week.
Watch: Health Myths
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 11:30am
The truth behind the most common ones.
New Procedure Keeps Donor Hearts Beating
Persembe, 09.12.2010, 07:23am
An experimental new heart transplant procedure could change the way transplants are performed in the U.S. Instead of stopping a donor heart and putting it on ice before transplanting, doctors can now keep a human heart beating from the moment it's removed from a donor's body all the way until installation in its new recipient.
Pot Cookbook: A Sign of Changing Attitudes?
Carsamba, 08.12.2010, 11:37pm
Aunt Sandy's Medical Marijuana Cookbook is one of the latest cookbooks to feature marijuana as an ingredient, and it's also just one of what experts say is a rapidly expanding marijuana industry featuring a wide range of marijuana-inspired products, including drinks, clothing, medical marijuana formulations and others. The booming business of pot, the experts say, is a natural outgrowth of the huge push to legalize medical marijuana.
New Blood Test May Detect Heart Disease Risk
Carsamba, 08.12.2010, 06:34pm
Researchers found that a highly sensitive blood test could reveal a protein which indicates heart disease and increased risk of dying in otherwise healthy individuals.
Quitting Smoking Cuts Depression, Too
Carsamba, 08.12.2010, 05:31pm
Contrary to popular belief, quitting reduces depression, scientists find
Watch: What You Need to Know: End-Of-Life Care
Carsamba, 08.12.2010, 05:04pm
Dr. Richard Besser answers key questions in light of Elizabeth Edwards'death.
How Elizabeth Edwards'Children Will Survive Her Death
Carsamba, 08.12.2010, 04:26pm
Three million American children have lost parents to a terminal illness.
FDA Panel Endorses Contrave Diet Pill
Carsamba, 08.12.2010, 04:09pm
An FDA advisory committee has voted 13-7 that the modest weight-loss benefits of an investigational combination of naltrexone and bupropion (Contrave) outweigh the drug's blood pressure risk.
Thrill-Seeking Gene May Lead to Promiscuous Sex, Cheating
Carsamba, 08.12.2010, 01:04pm
New York researchers find students with long thrill-seeking gene are more apt to take sexual risks.
Forget Cancer: Tanner Means Hotter
Carsamba, 08.12.2010, 12:17pm
Researchers at Emory School of Medicine found that doctoring photos of women to make them appear more tan increased how attractive they were rated on HotorNot.com, an anonymous attractiveness rating site.
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  » Family Support Keeps Gay Teens From Suicide
  » Aspirin a Day May Cut Cancer Death Risk
  » The Dangers of Alcoholic Whipped Cream
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